Mike Paul Added to Advisory Board

Status Labs, the online reputation management firm, announced in February 2016, that Mike Paul, President of Reputation Doctor LLC, has been added as a new board advisor. Mike Paul is a internationally recognized expert in public relations crisis management. Not only does is Mr. Paul well acclaimed in prevention and reparation of digital disasters in the business sector, he has also established himself in government relations and is an expert in litigation support. After building one of the most successful reputation management firms in the world, this partnership with Status Labs will enable the company to scale, according to Status Labs President, Darius Fisher.

Mr. Fisher, being a young entrepreneur himself, feels he can learn much from an established professional such as Mr. Paul, who has walked the same footsteps and can advise Status Labs on how to keep on track, financially and ethically. In speaking of his new joint venture with Status Labs, Mike Paul stated, “In my professional opinion, there are many firms and companies in the online reputation management space which are very unethical in their business approach,” Paul continued. “Status Labs in not one of those companies…”

Mr. Paul has quite an impressive resume of clients and organizations he has counseled over the past twenty-five years, including General Motors, Merrill Lynch, Kraft Foods and The People’s Republic of China. Mike Paul has been featured on many national broadcast outlets such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the BBC News. With this type of experience and exposure, Status Labs can expect Mr. Paul to provide plenty of strategic counsel and insight to a company and industry that is rapidly growing.

As for Darius Fischer, he is one of the rising stars of the online reputation management world. Recently recognized by Innovation 50, which salutes fifty of the most innovative rising stars of online PR and digital communications in the agency, in-house, and social media sectors. Mr. Fisher plans to continue to grow his company by using a guarantee-approach in online reputation management and the industry should look forward to big results from this partnership in the future.

The Colorful Palettes of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the appointed unicorn queen and CEO of the Lime Crime Makeup Line. As such, she loves to break fashion rules. When it comes to her hair as one example, she plays with unique palettes and shades not seen anywhere else. Tagged with the term “Makeup for Unicorns,” her makeup line specializes in color and cruelty-free cosmetics. She wants women to break away from the norm when it comes to makeup and wants them to try at least one of her colorful products. While she loves color, she also knows too much color can take away from what she is trying to create. The same can be said about patterns.

Pictures of Deere tend to stick out. Her face is always done in bright colors as she shows off her brand. She is just not a pretty face. She is also a business woman and an artist. Self-Made Magazine named her one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs.

Deere was born in Russia but, she grew up in New York City. As a child, Doe was a very artistic child always playing with different clothes, accessories and makeup, mixing up and matching colors and patterns. She was able to take that love and turn it into a business. She held a job at an insurance company and held a few administrative jobs in her 20s but, she was never happy. She formed her business, 2004, it is all online based which started out on EBay. The name Lime Crime just came to her. She was able to incorporate her favorite color into the name and make it rhyme which she sees as an extra bonus. Her business started out as a DIY fashion line and in 2008, she branched out and started the Lime Crime Makeup brand.

Doe Deere was one of the very first to focus on ecommerce. She was told it would never work for makeup but, she was able to present her products effectively and her business took off. Other businesses have even followed her lead and started selling their products online as well. She has had her share of bad reviews but, all of the bad is over shone by her customers who she refers to as “unicorns.” She believes it takes a specific person to be able to use the shades she produces.

Deere’s business started out very small and she achieved success on her own with some help from her husband, who is president of Lime Crime. Using her own experiences, she supports women owned businesses and entrepreneurs. She frequently speaks at events such as PHAMexpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour where she talks about finding your own voice and following your own ambitions. She also donates to Bide-A-Wee, a no kill shelter for cats and dogs in New York City.

Shaygan Kheradpir Brings His Vast Experience To Technology Giant Coriant

Technology company Coriant has been making waves over recent years since the business was established out of various departments within the Seimens organization. Since the establishment of the company control has been placed in the hands of Marlin Equity Partners executive Pat DiPietro, who has now stood down from his roles as CEO and Chairman to return to Marlin in a senior management position. Shaygan Kheradpir will step into the roles of CEO and Chairman in a bod to continue the growth of the company which now supplies networking services to clients in more than 100 countries, according to Fierce Telecom.

The appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir is not a major surprise for one of the fastest growing companies in the technology industry. Kheradpir has been working in the technology industry since his graduation from Cornell University, and has achieved many amazing feats that have now become the norms of the industry. In his early career Kheradpir specialized in the wireless technology industry, which saw him reach executive level at both GTE Labs and Verizon.

Verizon also saw the all around business skills of Shaygan Kheradpir come to the fore as he looked to aid the company in becoming more profitable than ever before. The technology skills Kheradpir developed saw him entrusted with a complete revamp of the information technology side of the company. Lowering costs at Verizon to record levels attracted financial giant Barclays to the skills of Kheradpir and saw him accept a position as the first technology executive on the board of the globally recognized banking company.

As with every position Shaygan Kheradpir has accepted during his career he has not entered the Coriant company in a light-hearted way, instead choosing to conduct a complete review of the company before taking up his latest leadership role. More than 1,800 patents are held by Coriant as the company has embarked upon a high level of growth in recent years; the skills of Shaygan Kheradpir as a technology innovator and businessperson will combine to create an environment of success for Coriant to enjoy. The skills as a technology innovator will be of great importance for Coriant as they look to make sure they remain at the head of an industry traditionally dominated by giants like Cisco. Rolling out the latest technologies in 4G and 5G data processing will be one of the top areas of interest for Coriant executives to explore in the coming years. Shaygan Kheradpir has already remarked on his admiration for the growth of Coriant, and the advances already made in the growth of data center and Cloud infrastructure technologies.

The Benefits Of New York State Attorney Services

It is unfortunate but true that there will come a time in most people’s lives when they will need the representation of an attorney. Whether it be for divorce, a personal injury or something more joyful like an adoption or the purchase of a home, a reputable attorney in the New York area, such as Ross Abelow, can help make sure that the job is done correctly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about the stress involved with the legal system. A quality attorney will make sure they walk you through your legal process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring that your outcome is successful.

Some of the benefits of utilizing a skilled attorney for your legal needs include:

Completion Of Paperwork
No matter what your reason for needing legal representation, there is always a lot of paperwork involved. This can be overwhelming for someone who has never been through a certain process before and certain items can be easily forgotten. An attorney such as Ross Abelow, has each legal process down to a science so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You will be presented with paperwork to sign and explained what each item is in regards to. Especially if you have just undergone an injury or you are going through a tough time, this is the easiest way to go.

Courtroom Politics
While the legal system in New York State is designed to help you, there are unfortunate circumstances where representing yourself might not get you the best outcome. You can often be taken advantage of when you decline legal representation. It is a known fact that clients with a reputable attorney get a much higher level of compensation than those who do not utilize attorney services.

Reducing Stress
Even if you are going through an exciting time in your life like the birth of a child or the purchase of a home, it can still be very stressful to have to take on legal matters yourself. Utilizing the services of an attorney allows you to focus on more important matters and you can leave the dirty work to someone else who knows what they are doing.

If you are in need of legal representation and services, Ross Abelow can help with a variety of legal needs. With many years of experience and knowledge, your case will be taken care of in an efficient and affordable manner, with no stress to you.

Passion For Literature

Jaime Garcia Dias is a common name in the Brazilian writers and educators’ scene. He is namely a top author and educator through his mastery in his art, Dias has bagged the hearts of readers from across the globe. Through one of his tweets, he states that starting his career very early is one of the reasons he is successful.

Dias’ career in literature commenced when he was just fifteen years old. As a small kid, Dias was very interested in literature. At this age, he succeeded in write an entire book that in turn enabled him to chase his career in literature. Dias’ passion for literature was greatly influenced by his father who was a journalist and had a collection of books and was passionate for writing. He has also named Jorge Amado as one of the icons who motivated him to be a great writer.

At the age of 23, he became a teacher at the most renowned literature academics in Brazil. He was named the vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy. In this time, he also wrote a number of books instituting himself as a chief author. In 2001, his book won the White Crane earning him recognition in the entire globe. In 2007, he was named president of the faculty at the Carioca Literature Academy.

Dias has used his knowledge to make the academy one of the best in the entire country for upcoming writers who want to be authors. In 2013, he honored his father by publishing chronicles in the journal do Brazil, and starting his own blog. The journals commanded a great following that he was asked to write a weekly literature notebook. To date, he has written 20 books and won numerous awards inclusive of, ABC award from Brazil Fictional Literature.  Follow his YouTube account for more information about what Jaime is doing next, and the creative enterprises he continues to pursue.

OrganoGold is More Than Just A Cup of Coffee–It’s a Lifestyle

OrganoGold came to be in 2008 when CEO and founder, popular Twitter businessman Bernardo Chua, decided to act on his dream to bring the ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma to the rest of the world. As OrganoGold’s only employee at the time, Chua saw that coffee companies were lacking an emphasis on health and balance. On his website Chua believed deeply that his company, OrganoGold, would fill the void of well-being, balance, and prosperity in the coffee industry.

While most coffee companies focus on feeding their clients’ caffeine-craze, Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold’s focus has been on not only coffee, but a variety of healthy products including nutraceuticals and teas dedicated to their customer’s overall welfare. Over the last seven years, OrganoGold has seen itself grow from its modest start in Richmond, B.C., Canada to one of the most prominent distributors across the globe. This is due in part to Chua’s history as a successful businessman prior to starting the company, as well as his studies at the University of the East in Milan, but also largely in part to the product and the philosophy that OrganoGold offers.

OrganoGold makes a conscientious effort to provide products that will benefit the consumer, not just appease them. This ideal is as refreshing as their beverages. They are committed to providing Ganoderma that is organic and full of polysaccharides, triterpenes, and selenium so there are maximal benefits and minimal risks in every product. Furthermore, OrganoGold is a company committed to its worldwide distributors and their success, hosting international events and workshops that introduce business philosophies and frameworks to that end. The perks for distributors do not stop there– they are given an extraordinary number of incentives to invest their time and energy in their business, with generous programs that offer vacation and high-end vehicle incentives.

With a product unique to the coffee and nutraceutical industries, promise of genuine health benefits, a growing base of distributors across the globe, and a system that promotes the success of its employees, it is easy to see how OrganoGold is more than a company that just sells a cup of coffee. It is a company that is dedicated to a lifestyle of good health, hard work, balance, and growth, extending from its founder and employees to its customers.

The Dangerous Women of One Life to Live

It’s been a few years since the goings-on in Llanview graced our television screens, but while One Life to Live is gone, it’s certainly not forgotten. Although the groundbreaking and Emmy-winning daytime soap was largely centered around the exploits of noble heroine Viki Lord, some of the program’s most memorable characters were the vixens and villains whose schemes and plots stirred up trouble in the fictional Philadelphia suburb.

One classic vixen during the show’s heyday was Stacy Morasco, masterfully played by Crystal Hunt. During her time in Llanview, ex-stripper Stacy did everything she could to try to steal the love of the handsome Rex Balsom from her own sister, including passing off another man’s child as Rex’s flesh and blood! While her scheme was ultimately unsuccessful, Rex still risked his life trying to prevent Stacy’s untimely death in an icy lake.

Outside the show, Crystal Hunt is known for myriad roles in television and film all of which can be found on Wikipedia, including her work with Zac Efron in the family film The Derby Stallion and a role in the much-lauded film Magic Mike XXL. Recently, she produced the film Talbot County, a horror film directed by Bev Land which is currently in post-production.  Crystal can be found on Instagram.

Of course, no list of Llanview’s villains could be complete without fan-favorite Margaret Cochran, played by Tari Signor. Dreamy publisher Todd Manning led this humble and unassuming accountant on as part of a convoluted plot of his own, but he got a lot more than he bargained for. Once spurned, Margaret’s scheme to get Manning under her thumb started with a little bit of photoshopped blackmail and escalated into shooting out Todd’s kneecaps and stashing him in a cabin! One faked murder, one secret baby, and one van crash later, Margaret finally left the show in a blaze of glory.

Between kidnappings, stolen children, and even cold-blooded murder, the dangerous women of One Life to Live made sure there was never a dull moment in Llanview!

Kevin Seawright’s Success is Honored

Kevin Seawright is tasked with many responsibilities in his executive position at Newark CEDC. He was able to take some time out to give an interview for World Class Magazines to discuss the always beneficial topic of embodying “adaptation and a positive attitude.” The interview provides both great advice and some interesting insights from Seawright.

In the interview, Seawright points out that his family set him in the right direction while he was very young. They discussed the importance of understanding finances and this lesson was never lost of Seawright. Seawright also understood the importance of formal and informal education. He is a huge proponent of online education and notes that continuing one’s education in advisable no matter what path is followed, and he expresses these opinions on Twitter.

Seawright goes into detail about his personal interests and a little bit about his family life. From the interview, it becomes clear that he is someone who lives a charmed life and one that builds upon all past success. And he most definitely is a successful person. An honor bestowed upon him by the prestigious Notre Dame University is a testament to this fact.

Specifically, Seawright earned a “Certificate of Achievement” from the University’s Mendoza College of Business for finishing the second phase of its Nonprofit Fund Development Program. The overall purpose of the program is to make sure business leaders maintain the drive and edge required to succeed in an ever-changing, always dynamic landscape. Seawright has done quite well in the program thanks to his targeted committed.

The interview in World Class Magazines provides a closer look at Seawright’s philosophy and approach to his career. A lot can be learned by budding philanthropists and entrepreneurs who choose to read the profile.

Seawright has handled a great many different projects for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and these projects have done a lot for the city.

Dating and Making Friends Using Skout

Using the internet for dating and even friendships has become much more commonplace in recent years. As a result of this, numerous dating sites and sites geared to helping people to meet friends have cropped up. There are some of these websites that are scams or are otherwise not effective at their intended purpose. However, some of them are effective for their intended purpose and are easily accessible. One such website is Skout. Skout is very widely available, and it also effective for dating or meeting friends.

Skout is not like other websites that can be used for dating. Unlike match.com, zoosk.com, and other dating websites, skout is much more than a dating site. It can be used to find people for any kind of relationship, including purely platonic ones. You can use the website to find people for a great variety of different types of activities. It is even possible to use Skout while you are located in different parts of the world.

Skout is not merely available in a singular country. You can access the site from a variety of different countries. In addition to being able to access skout around the world, you can access Skout easily away from home. You can get skout as an app on your mobile device. This makes it possible to use Skout virtually anywhere where you can access the internet.

Skout is used for different things. For one, it can be used for dating. You can use the website to find people to date that would be compatible. Many people use it for this purpose, and it is effective for people who are looking to find someone to date. In addition, it is also very effective at finding compatible platonic friends. Furthermore, it can even be used to find people to meet up with while on vacation to a new area. People of different ages can use Skout, because there is a section of the website that is designed to be teen friendly. The website’s moderators make sure that there are only teens in the teen section and no suggestive content is posted. This is something that many similar websites do not offer.

The website has also become quite popular, due to it being very widely available and effective. It is expected to continue to be popular in coming years, as websites for dating and friendship are becoming increasingly common. One may expect that Skout may even become more popular in coming years.

Skout is a great website to use for a variety of purposes. While it can be used for traditional dating, it can be used for far more. It can be used for platonic meet ups, friendship, dating for teens, and even to meet people while vacationing. With so many potential purposes, this is really a great website to use. In addition, it is very easily available and can be used as an app. This means that you can use your iphone or other mobile device to make friends, date, meet up, and get to know people.

Do things Different with Greg Hague’s “Real Estate Mavericks” Training Program

You just passed your state and national real estate licensing exams, if you did congratulations you have taken the first step to your success! Perhaps you have been in the business for a while but aren’t quite up to the level you want to be at, or no place near it. What you need is help to learn how to operate your business to win more listings and make more money! Investing in yourself by hiring a real estate coach is a sound idea.

Greg Hague, founder of “Real Estate Mavericks” real estate consulting is an American businessman, lawyer and real estate consultant. An entrepreneur who received his first real estate license at age 18 and his first license to practice law at the young age of 26. He started his career working at his family’s real estate firm, Hague Realtors which was the largest firm in the Cincinnati area. Then in 1978 he started his own firm, Heritage House Real Estate. Within a year of its founding, the firm was also one of the largest in the area with 11 offices, 220 agents and more than 600 listings. In 1981, he moved his family to Scottsdale, Arizona with and founded WHY USA, a real estate firm with a set $990 fee to sell a house. That too enjoyed tremendous success and expanded to include over 200 agents, and he even franchised the company to over 100 offices before selling it to it’s management. The business model for WHY USA was even showcased in two best selling books of the time.

In 1993, Greg went on to start his own luxury homes company, Hague Partners. Greg passed the Arizona Bar Exam in 2010 with the highest score in the state. He worked with a firm and did some volunteer work and started his own law firm as well, Hague Law Group which gets great reviews from AVVO. He has written a book a”How Fathers Change Lives” and has a website with blog, called Savvy Dad. He has taught law as an adjunct professor and was even named professor of the year in 2011 at The Phoenix school of law. Greg is a driven entrepreneur who has proven he gets results and a true professional in every field he engages in.

Greg’s real estate training company “Real Estate Mavericks”, is a consulting firm with Greg as a coach to teach agents to break free from conforming to traditional roles agents use for listing homes and earning business. He focuses on training agents to achieve their goals, through mentoring, fresh ideas and approaches and accountability.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, Greg can teach and guide you. He has been there, and done that. Unlike some other coaches he knows his ideas work because they did for him. He says what real estate agents today need is more creativity and less boring approaches.

“Real Estate Mavericks” offers real estate consulting services such as courses, live events and online linked in classes.