The Art of Winemaking: Jackson Family Wines Collection

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines Collection has come a long way over the decades. It was once a small family business, but as of today, JFWC is an international powerhouse. It produces some of the most diverse tasting wines on earth. The company has winery locations in the United States, France, Italy, South Africa and Chile. Its 583-acre site in Oregon produces some of the best Pinot Noir wines. Julia Jackson, spokesperson and representative of the company, has kind of fallen into the business by accident. She never really was a wine connoisseur while growing up as a very young adult, but she would soon develop feelings for the winemaking process.Julia Jackson just so happens to be the daughter of company’s founder. Jess Jackson and his wife Barbara Banke made it possible to raise a family of children while evolving as a company.Julia Jackson

Julia and her siblings would have to pick grapes in the hot Pacific Northwest’s heat, but this would instill the strong ambition that they posses to this very day. Julia has spent a lot of time working at the company’s many wineries and this is where she would develop strong feeling for the culture. By spending so much time in France, she became fluent in the French language, and she’d go on to teach a sixth-grade French Class. On top of that, Julia has modeled as well as attended Stanford University and Scripps College.Seeds of Empowerment is her nonprofit organization, and it’s all about “girl power.” This organization celebrates the empowerment of women on a daily basis. Jackson Family Wines Collection produces Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other fine wines. One of its great tasting beverages is the Barbara’s Clone 667 Pinot Noir. The art of winemaking for an economical class is fully covered, but who knows what the Jackson family will venture into next.

Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg’s Achievements Speak For Her Dedication To Her Work

The Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Julie Zuckerberg, and her professional achievements are symbolic of how dedication to one’s work and perseverance can go a long way in being successful. She started her career as the Director of Candidate Placement in November 2002 and gained experience for five years. Her responsibilities included hiring attorneys, paralegals, and support staff and case managers for different firms. There, she offered guidance to the employees regarding benefits, working environments, and opportunities for professional development and promotion.

She joined the Deutsche Bank in 2015 and had quickly ascended to the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. At Deutsche, Julie is also recognized for her stark leadership skills and firm governance during the recruiting processes, which boosts the overall efficiency of attracting talented pipelines. Moreover, she has also presided over the negotiations of Managing Director level. These meetings and developments include the biggest stakeholders and risk takers. She has also worked with business leaders from private wealth and commercial clients, global technology, assets management and operations to steadfast the process of global talent acquisition strategies and process improvement.

Julie moved to Citi Global Functions as an executive recruiter in 2007, where she served until 2011. While working at Citi, she offered services pertaining to recruiting candidates for the positions of director and managing directors of CitiCards and Citi Global. She also had the opportunity to counsel and train hiring experts regarding open position specifications, producing job descriptions and successions planning. She provided a complete life-cycle executive recruitment for senior level staff in areas like auditing, compliance, and other legal affairs. She formulated innovative techniques of recruitment, which included the use of social media, employee referrals, and direct sourcing.

Julie worked for the Citi Global Consumer Bank before joining Deutsche Bank. She also participated in managing retained search firms like candidate inspection, fee discussions and firm selection from the provided options. Her other responsibilities include offering sourced talent to international firms, handling issues like expatriate procedure, and global relocations and even presiding over the process of hiring for complex jobs. She also supervises negotiations for managing director offers that involve potential stakeholders who are willing to take corporate risks and also looks over other developmental work. A team of hiring professionals is also managed by Julie Zuckerberg and many other recruiting coordinators. Before working at Citi, she served as a Hire Recruiting Lead at New York Life Insurance and managed client relationships and recruitment procedures, and offered business solutions in collaboration with the senior management team.

Julie Zuckerberg has an extensive skill set that played a critical role in career making and has ensured her continuous success. She is also an expert in coaching management and corporate recruitment. These skills include executive search, talent acquisition, talent management, executive staffing, sourcing, behavioral interviewing, and conflict resolutions.

Aside from her professional endeavors, Julie Zuckerberg also carries out volunteer work related to several causes that are charitable. She manages programs for counseling and coaching employees across the industry. Julie is a staunch proponent of animal welfare, social action, economic empowerment, and has a keen interest in arts and culture. While her professional achievements are worth praising, her passion for helping those in need and her use of resources to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate is also very inspiring.

Julie Zuckerberg’s Outstanding Experience in Human Resource Management

Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson (NASDAQ: HSON) where she was the Director of Candidate Placement between November 2002 and October 2007. She recruited paralegals, case managers, attorneys, and support staff to temporary and permanent positions in law firms, financial institutions, and corporations. Julie enlightened workers on working conditions, opportunities for promotion, and information regarding benefits. She offered training, counseling and conflict resolution services to the employees. In October 2007, she joined Citi, a financial institution that serves consumers, corporations, and governments. She worked until November 2013 as an Executive Recruiter and Vice President. Here she hired senior officers for Compliance, Legal, and Audit functions. She utilized various methods for personnel search including direct sourcing, social media and internet search, and employee referrals. Julie trained hiring managers on creating job descriptions, position specification, and succession planning. In July 2011, she became responsible for recruiting Directors and Managing Directors for CitiCards and Global Consumer Marketing and Internet Office. Julie advised senior business managers on competitive markets, recruiting strategies, talent identification, and remuneration trends. She led in the negotiation of high-level business deals like equity buyouts, relocation, and deferred awards. Julie performed global talent searches and managed international relocation and expatriate process issues. She led in the pursuit of new ventures, negotiations and candidate vetting.


Julie Zuckerberg joined the New York Insurance Company in November 2013 where she served as the Corporate Vice President, Experienced Recruiting Lead. She supervised a recruitment outsourcing team consisting of a team manager and several recruiters. Julie oversaw the talent strategic planning process, management, and execution. She collaborated with senior management to analyze the needs of clients and to provide creative business solutions. Julie Zuckerberg is currently an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, where she has been working since April 2014. She leads the full cycle of recruitment of senior officials. Julie consults with hiring managers to achieve best sourcing strategies. She governs contracts and business relations with external organizations to attain a high-quality candidate pool. Julie provides direction and training to recruiters and recruiting coordinators. She advises the executive committee on the best recruitment practices to attract talent and diverse candidates.

Julie’s Interests


Julie is a big fan of arts and culture. She supports animal welfare, human rights, civil rights and social action. Julie believes in empowering people economically, and she also follows emerging trends in science and technology.


The Career Successes Of Helane Morrison

Currently, Helane Morrison serves in three different capacities at the Hall Capital Partners. She is the chief compliance officer, managing director and general counsel of the corporation. It is my view that she is intelligent and shrewd to handle three positions in an institution that is run by women. Before joining the company, she worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) between 1999 and 2007. Here, she was mandated with the duty of checking on regulation compliance, securities law enforcement and fraud litigation. Helane was in charge of 5 states located in Northwest and Northern California.

Immediately after passing the bar, she went on to work for Hon. Richard Posen as a law clerk. Helane also worked for Justice Harry Blackmun between 1985 and 1986. For 10 years, Helane worked at the Howard, Rice Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. It is my belief that her record of achievement resulted in her becoming a partner at the law firm. Helane joined Hall Capital Partners because she realized that investors had little confidence in financial experts. At the corporation, Helane seeks to restore public confidence so that individuals can start investing in the financial markets. Over the years, Helane has fought against corporate crimes. Helane’s taste for justice matured as she worked with Blackmun. She made a career choice of devoting herself to private practices in order to have adequate time to fight corruption in the financial industry.

About Helane Morrison

Helane worked at the SEC between 1999 and 2007. She served as a district administrator as well as a regional director. As the chief enforcement officer at the SEC office in San Francisco, Helane played an instrumental role in representing the SEC in various legal-related functions, news media, government agencies and the broader financial community. Helane has broad expertise in matters of internal corporate investigations, defending private securities actions and business litigation. The trained journalist is one of the board members at the Regional Parks Foundation. Helane Morrison is an active member of the American Bar Association’s hedge fund subcommittee.
Periodically, Helane speaks on compliance and legal concerns that affect adviser’s environment and the private funds. At the Northwestern University, Helane pursued and graduated with a B.S. in Journalism. At the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law, she earned her J.D. While still at the school of law, Helane played a pivotal role as the editor-in-chief of the renowned California Law review.