The Man Leading The Fight for Open Societies

A Background In The World

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. Like many in Venezuela his family actively fights for freedom against the oppressive regimes that have long dominated politics in his home country. This has resulted in many of his family members facing arrest and even death at the hands of their oppressors, but they continue to fight. Halvorssen himself is not able to live in Venezuela, but he uses his influence in America to support them and to advance in any way possible a way to change the country he was born in.

The Human Rights Foundation

2004 was an incredibly eventful year for Thor Halvorssen. The year saw the opening of the Human Rights Organization, but he also lost his mother to political violence. This tragedy didn’t weaken his desire to fight for human rights but instead made him stronger. He devoted the Human Rights Foundation to fighting the very specific reason his mother was killed. In an open society people are able to determine their position in life. The government doesn’t define where you reside in life and the only limits are the ones you choose.

How To Win Over Hearts And Minds

The center of everything he does is his filmography. When people see for themselves the sorts of things that often happen because of dictatorships, they naturally decide to do everything they can to fight against them. There are times when his life is placed in danger, but this does little to stop Thor Halvorssen from continuing to expose corruption abroad.

Thor Halvorssen Today

He continues to direct the Human Rights Foundation as its president and he continues to create new projects that will allow him to advance his causes. One of the most recent efforts is the Oslo Freedom Foundation. These international conferences have their origins in Norway, but just like Halvorssen himself is a global man they have expanded to other countries. These meetings serve as a way to unite activists and help them think of ways to encourage others to join their fight. Thor Halvorssen has fought for human rights for decades and he shows no signs of stopping.


Ross Abelow, NY Divorce Attorney Tackles Pet Abandonment

Animal rights advocate, Ross Abelow has an altruistic side to his no-nonsense demeanor. The New York City lawyer is raising funds, via a GoFundMe Campaign to assist city shelters with abandoned dogs. Abelow says he realized the biggest obstacle to these abandoned dogs is reading about it but not doing much. That’s when the light bulb went off and Abelow started his GoFundMe Campaign. “Animal advocacy is the best second job I could hope for,” says Abelow. He’s looking to raise $5,000 to assist shelters.

Shelters are overcrowded, and leaving animals caged for long periods of time can result in behavioral issues. There are so many dogs in these shelters that these places become more of a filthy warehouse facility until their untimely death. Sure, there are many well-run facilities, but not all animals are lucky enough to find space at these places. If passed, new legislation (SB 410) in New York would tag on hefty fines – up to $2,000 – for owners that simply abandon their pets. “Even new legislation for fines is not a solution because the city is still overrun by strays,” says Abelow

Currently, the Agriculture and Markets law make it a misdemeanor to abandon a dog in New York, however, charges on these grounds are rarely enforced in the city.

Ross Abelow started practicing matrimonial law and then slowly branched into litigation in other areas, including entertainment law. Those considering divorce require not just an attorney to guide them through the legal system, but an expert attorney. There are a ton of issues to consider when it involves domestic relations, marriage and divorce. For example, a divorce may be a no-fault or based on fault grounds. Perhaps extenuating circumstances are involved like adultery or other defenses, like condonation. Laws have become increasingly complex and anyone going through a stressful divorce requires an experienced attorney like Ross Abelow to explain the laws, and guide clients to make a competent decision. Abelow graduated from NYU and went on to earn his J.D. at Brooklyn College of Law. Since 1990, he is licensed to practice law in Connecticut and New York.

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Meet Brazil’s Newest Superior Electoral Court Minister

Meet Brazil’s newest appointee to the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio. The newest minister to the Superior Electoral court has broken through the glass ceiling in Brazil’s legal system and at the highest level of the government judiciary. Being a woman, she has achieved many firsts for women in Brazil. Learn about her story and her background as well as accomplishments.

Luciana Lossio is a lawyer by profession. She studied at the University of Brasilia, in Brazil’s capital city. Mrs. Lossio graduated from the University of Brasillia with a law degree in 1999. The very same year she completed the Brazilian bar exam and was officially sanctioned to practice law throughout the country.

After getting her law degree and passing the bar Luciana Lossio went on to complete further studies in the field of law. She has completed three different graduate degree programs in law in addition to her law degree from the University of Brasillia. The first graduate degree program completed by Mrs. Lossio was in civil procedures. Her second graduate program of study was in the rules and regulations of state and constitutional law. The third graduate program of study completed by Luciana Lossio was in legal order and prosecution.

Luciana Lossio’s completion of three additional graduate degree programs in law shows how committed she is in her study and mastery of Brazilian law. She also provides feedback and input on Brazilian electoral law through her membership in the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law.

As a lawyer Luciana Lossio has represented numerous state governors and high ranking federal officials. Besides being a private lawyer and handling numerous cases involving high profile individuals, Mrs. Losso has worked in the attorney general’s office of Brazil. She spent a total of seven years working at the attorney general’s office and worked with two federal prosecutors there. During her stint at the attorney general’s office Luciana Lossio helped to craft rules, regulations and proceedings for the superior electoral court of Brazil.

Luciana Lossio made Brazilian history in 2011 when was appointed a substitute minister for the Brazilian superior electoral court. She became the first woman to have such a title in Brazil. A few years later she would became an actual minister at the superior electoral court. She became one of the first women to hold such a position at one of the highest levels of Brazil’s judiciary system. In addition to being a brilliant lawyer, Luciana Losso has also been an equestrian rider who has represented Brazil in international tournaments in her youth.

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The Benefits Of New York State Attorney Services

It is unfortunate but true that there will come a time in most people’s lives when they will need the representation of an attorney. Whether it be for divorce, a personal injury or something more joyful like an adoption or the purchase of a home, a reputable attorney in the New York area, such as Ross Abelow, can help make sure that the job is done correctly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about the stress involved with the legal system. A quality attorney will make sure they walk you through your legal process, answering any questions you may have and ensuring that your outcome is successful.

Some of the benefits of utilizing a skilled attorney for your legal needs include:

Completion Of Paperwork
No matter what your reason for needing legal representation, there is always a lot of paperwork involved. This can be overwhelming for someone who has never been through a certain process before and certain items can be easily forgotten. An attorney such as Ross Abelow, has each legal process down to a science so you don’t have to worry about a thing. You will be presented with paperwork to sign and explained what each item is in regards to. Especially if you have just undergone an injury or you are going through a tough time, this is the easiest way to go.

Courtroom Politics
While the legal system in New York State is designed to help you, there are unfortunate circumstances where representing yourself might not get you the best outcome. You can often be taken advantage of when you decline legal representation. It is a known fact that clients with a reputable attorney get a much higher level of compensation than those who do not utilize attorney services.

Reducing Stress
Even if you are going through an exciting time in your life like the birth of a child or the purchase of a home, it can still be very stressful to have to take on legal matters yourself. Utilizing the services of an attorney allows you to focus on more important matters and you can leave the dirty work to someone else who knows what they are doing.

If you are in need of legal representation and services, Ross Abelow can help with a variety of legal needs. With many years of experience and knowledge, your case will be taken care of in an efficient and affordable manner, with no stress to you.