Technologies with the OSI Group

The OSI Group And Cryogenic Food Processing

You might be discouraged by the sound of cryogenic food processing, and we don’t blame you. Nevertheless, it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds. The food we eat actually thrives better if it undergoes a cryogenic food process. What this process entails is freezing food at certain temperatures and with a certain process.

The objective is not so much preserving food as much as it is to protect meat from harmful compounds. Meats and other food products often don’t break down or decay alone. The natural process requires an outside element or a compound within that begins a molecular process.

The cryogenic process stops any of the prior steps from occurring.

This freezing can destroy bacteria that begins rotting meat if it’s left unattended to. You should now have a better understanding of what cryogenic food processing and why it can be so helpful. Cryogenic food processing is when any potential short shelf-life products are frozen at 80 and 196 degrees below.

Any compounds or bacterias that might cause damage to raw meats are stopped, and liquid nitrogen is often used for the process.

Why Is It Needed?

This process isn’t absolutely necessary for the day-to-day foods we eat, hunt or find extremely fresh at the markets. The industries that use this food processing are food distributors who ship, truck or fly large numbers of meats at a time. The perfect example is the OSI Group. Learn about Sheldon Lavin:

This organization is the world leader in the mass production and distribution of meat products. Processed meats get used for a number of reasons. Most of it gets shipped to other vendors that then use the meat for their special products. A perfect example of this is with Pizza Hut.

This pizza, fast food restaurant services customers with its own meat cut in a specific way and serviced with specific seasonings. The raw product of meat, however, is not a part of the fast food business’s personal production. What this means is that Pizza Hut doesn’t feed its own cows.

The business doesn’t have farms to butcher beef at and packaging processes to safely put the meat away for another day. The agency that instead plays a role is the OSI Group led by CEO Sheldon Lavin.

Adam Milstein: A Conversation With Hagar Properties Managing Partner

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor who is an active leader in his community. An Israeli native Mr. Milstein has been celebrated for his philanthropic efforts. Adam Milstein is a 1978 graduate of Technion Intstitute For Technology in his native Israel. Once arriving in the United States, Milstein continued his education with a MBA from the University of Southern California. After graduation, remained in the southern california area where he pursued a career in commercial real estate. Mr. Milstein is currently a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. Recently Mr. Milstein discussed his life and business endeavors.

Where Did The Hagar Pacific Properties Idea Come From

I arrived here with the determination to continue my education. I attended USC and received and MBA in entreprenership. THeir were many job recruiters that would visit the campus while I attended USC. It was while talking to these recruiters that I realized there was no appreciation for knowledge and life experience. Some of them were offering me less than an undergraduate would make despite the fact that I was earning an MBA. I saw no option but to go at it on my own. I started working as a commercial real estate broker. I did this for three years with decent success so I decided it was time to start my own venture.

What Is A Day Like For You

When starting your own business, you really have no idea what your work life will be like from day to day. Once you gather momentum and assets things start to balance out and your days will begin to have structure and consistency. As time went on my philanthropical pursuits became a bigger part of my daily work because this is what brings me the most satisfaction.

What Is A Trend That Really Excites You

There are many exciting trends that take place in the real estate industry. For example, supply always lags a few years behind demand, then will follow a period where the opposite is true. Also, the price fluctuation in real estate.

One Habit That Makes You Productive As An Entrepreneur

Non-stop consistency and persistance. Always follow up.


Omar Yunes Involved in Improving the Franchise Business

Mr. Omar Yunes is a successful business mogul who has climbed up the ladder courtesy of his hard work and family political clout in Mexico. In the recent past, Mr. Yunes has been honored as being the best franchise in the entire world. As an entrepreneur, Omar Yunes run successfully a group of Japanese food joints commonly known as the Sushi Itto brand. The mixture of Japanese joint with the American twist has made the brand to be among the best in Mexico and the entire American continent. Currently, the brand has over thirty food joints scattered over some towns on the globe. These cities include; Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. Thanks to his management ability, Omar Yunes has provided over four hundred employment opportunities for his brand stores.

In Mexico alone, the brand has over one hundred restaurants and food joints. The brand seems to have a fair representation in both the South and the North America continents. Some of these hotels can be located in El Salvador, Panama, Mexico as well as Honduras. Omar Yunes intends to use the brand to grow his fortune as well as to inspire the youth to create value through innovative achievements in the society.

Mr. Yunes has received some awards on behalf of the Sushi Itto brand. The awards and honors are to appreciate the good cause that the firm has been following. All this cannot be lost on the able leadership that the company has been enjoying. The employees too are also dedicated to ensuring that the Sushi Itto brand dream becomes a reality. Omar has put in place various plans and measures to ensure that the firm remains profitable throughout.

Omar Yunes has had a significant impact on the franchise industry. Over the years, he has been able to give the relationship between the brand and the franchise a new meaning. He has done so through his constant desire to see his firm and brand succeed. He has been able to impact the level of output and growth in this sector. And the results of this growth is increased sales, greater expansion and growth rates. Omar advises the young people to form a habit of developing contacts at an early age. These are the people who will propel you to success.

Visit his website: