Kevin Seawright’s Success is Honored

Kevin Seawright is tasked with many responsibilities in his executive position at Newark CEDC. He was able to take some time out to give an interview for World Class Magazines to discuss the always beneficial topic of embodying “adaptation and a positive attitude.” The interview provides both great advice and some interesting insights from Seawright.

In the interview, Seawright points out that his family set him in the right direction while he was very young. They discussed the importance of understanding finances and this lesson was never lost of Seawright. Seawright also understood the importance of formal and informal education. He is a huge proponent of online education and notes that continuing one’s education in advisable no matter what path is followed, and he expresses these opinions on Twitter.

Seawright goes into detail about his personal interests and a little bit about his family life. From the interview, it becomes clear that he is someone who lives a charmed life and one that builds upon all past success. And he most definitely is a successful person. An honor bestowed upon him by the prestigious Notre Dame University is a testament to this fact.

Specifically, Seawright earned a “Certificate of Achievement” from the University’s Mendoza College of Business for finishing the second phase of its Nonprofit Fund Development Program. The overall purpose of the program is to make sure business leaders maintain the drive and edge required to succeed in an ever-changing, always dynamic landscape. Seawright has done quite well in the program thanks to his targeted committed.

The interview in World Class Magazines provides a closer look at Seawright’s philosophy and approach to his career. A lot can be learned by budding philanthropists and entrepreneurs who choose to read the profile.

Seawright has handled a great many different projects for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and these projects have done a lot for the city.