Meet Brazil’s Newest Superior Electoral Court Minister

Meet Brazil’s newest appointee to the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio. The newest minister to the Superior Electoral court has broken through the glass ceiling in Brazil’s legal system and at the highest level of the government judiciary. Being a woman, she has achieved many firsts for women in Brazil. Learn about her story and her background as well as accomplishments.

Luciana Lossio is a lawyer by profession. She studied at the University of Brasilia, in Brazil’s capital city. Mrs. Lossio graduated from the University of Brasillia with a law degree in 1999. The very same year she completed the Brazilian bar exam and was officially sanctioned to practice law throughout the country.

After getting her law degree and passing the bar Luciana Lossio went on to complete further studies in the field of law. She has completed three different graduate degree programs in law in addition to her law degree from the University of Brasillia. The first graduate degree program completed by Mrs. Lossio was in civil procedures. Her second graduate program of study was in the rules and regulations of state and constitutional law. The third graduate program of study completed by Luciana Lossio was in legal order and prosecution.

Luciana Lossio’s completion of three additional graduate degree programs in law shows how committed she is in her study and mastery of Brazilian law. She also provides feedback and input on Brazilian electoral law through her membership in the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law.

As a lawyer Luciana Lossio has represented numerous state governors and high ranking federal officials. Besides being a private lawyer and handling numerous cases involving high profile individuals, Mrs. Losso has worked in the attorney general’s office of Brazil. She spent a total of seven years working at the attorney general’s office and worked with two federal prosecutors there. During her stint at the attorney general’s office Luciana Lossio helped to craft rules, regulations and proceedings for the superior electoral court of Brazil.

Luciana Lossio made Brazilian history in 2011 when was appointed a substitute minister for the Brazilian superior electoral court. She became the first woman to have such a title in Brazil. A few years later she would became an actual minister at the superior electoral court. She became one of the first women to hold such a position at one of the highest levels of Brazil’s judiciary system. In addition to being a brilliant lawyer, Luciana Losso has also been an equestrian rider who has represented Brazil in international tournaments in her youth.

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