Dr Jennifer Walden and her career

Plastic surgery has been in the negative spotlight in the media due to the abuse of the system and some mishaps that can happen. However, there are many positive things about the process that isn’t mentioned as often. Dr Jennifer Walden is a talented and qualified surgeon who makes sure that her clients are satisfied.

Dr Walden is a finalist for the Woman’s Way Business Award in the Health and Wellness category. There are many women across each city and there are only three finalists per city. Her company is built around letting women feel comfortable in their skin and with her success.

Recently, she has started to work on the non-surgical part of her brand to expand her studio. The MedSpa allows the surgeons to work on the patient’s face, breast, nose, genitals. She intends to respect the privacy of her patients, its not a personal room nor a public environment. Its really not a place that is like a standard hospital. Dr Walden wanted to make sure that its an intimate experience so that the patient doesn’t have to get anxious. In her procedures, she respects all cultural, race and genetics for the performance. She also does tattoo removals that work on any ink. In addition to others, Walden has taken care to get newer laser technology, because the surgery is something people are sensitive about. With her staff of 16 women, they are proud to say that they have a non-judgmental group that works to make you feel better with your body.

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic Surgeon from Austin, Texas. She would in excel in High School as well as college and due work in New York City. After she got the experience she needed from her superiors, she moved back to Austin.

After that she would later join the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to work on her craft. She is a media spokesperson for the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She has been on many interview on TV to help explain the complexity of the surgery process.