Aloha Construction is a construction company that provides quality construction services. While they are located in Lake Zurich, IL, they provide services for people throughout all of Illinois as well as southern Wisconsin. The company is run by CEO Dave Farbaky. Dave has led his company to success by raising the expectations of his business. He has set the standard very high regarding job quality and customer satisfaction rates. Aloha Construction values these aspects to a great degree. Dave has also created his own foundation called the Dave Farbaky foundation. The program works to provide assistance in various ways other than construction services. Some of what they do includes charitable services. One of the recent events that the Dave Farbaky foundation took part in was a shopping spree. The event was designed for children in low income families. They provided free toys for these children, knowing that their parents were struggling financially. Aloha Construction is a one of a kind construction company. They focus on helping others and enjoy doing so. On top of their charitable contributions, they also provide very high quality services. Among their specialty services are roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window jobs. When it comes to roofing, you should not try to do this alone. Even trained professionals will find the job very challenging to complete. Workers at this company will perform a full inspection of your roof before working on it. In doing so, they are able to make sure that your roof will be done perfectly. Siding is another job that can be quite daunting to accomplish alone. In reality, siding is one of the most important aspects of your home. Not only does siding add protection, it also gives your home a personal feel and look. Specialists working for this company can do a high quality job in a timely manner. Gutter work is another specialty job that this company offers. Gutters are necessary to ensure that water is properly run off of your roof. Workers here will get the job done. Finally, contact Aloha Construction for assistance with door/window work.


Dr Jennifer Walden and her career

Plastic surgery has been in the negative spotlight in the media due to the abuse of the system and some mishaps that can happen. However, there are many positive things about the process that isn’t mentioned as often. Dr Jennifer Walden is a talented and qualified surgeon who makes sure that her clients are satisfied.

Dr Walden is a finalist for the Woman’s Way Business Award in the Health and Wellness category. There are many women across each city and there are only three finalists per city. Her company is built around letting women feel comfortable in their skin and with her success.

Recently, she has started to work on the non-surgical part of her brand to expand her studio. The MedSpa allows the surgeons to work on the patient’s face, breast, nose, genitals. She intends to respect the privacy of her patients, its not a personal room nor a public environment. Its really not a place that is like a standard hospital. Dr Walden wanted to make sure that its an intimate experience so that the patient doesn’t have to get anxious. In her procedures, she respects all cultural, race and genetics for the performance. She also does tattoo removals that work on any ink. In addition to others, Walden has taken care to get newer laser technology, because the surgery is something people are sensitive about. With her staff of 16 women, they are proud to say that they have a non-judgmental group that works to make you feel better with your body.

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic Surgeon from Austin, Texas. She would in excel in High School as well as college and due work in New York City. After she got the experience she needed from her superiors, she moved back to Austin.

After that she would later join the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to work on her craft. She is a media spokesperson for the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She has been on many interview on TV to help explain the complexity of the surgery process.

Eric Lefkofsky Partners To Advance Cancer Care

In its quest to achieve superior treatments for cancer care, Tempus has teamed up with Precision Health AI to become the world’s leading collection of cancer care data.

The New York-based Precision Health AI is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) oncology program for better cancer patient care. Through the collaboration Tempus gains access to the group of cancer doctors CancerLinQ treatment records on roughly 600,000 patients, according to a story at

Lefkofsky commented in a statement with the revolutionary 10-year relationship Tempus gains access to sizeable amounts of data and the company expects to set up patterns that will benefit patients.

Tempus has previously teamed up with research hospitals and clinics throughout the Chicago area and other areas in the United States on oncology practices.

Since Tempus was co-founded by Lefkofsky two years ago, the company has raised more than $100 million in venture capital and has grown to roughly 300 employees. Tempus works to challenge the care of cancer with data analytics and genetic testing.

Meanwhile, data from CancerLinQ lends a hand to oncologists and researchers in bringing together considerable sizes of information from medical records that are not typically in the same layout.

According to CancerLinQ’s board records are not always structured and by teaming up with Tempus technical know-how, improved organization and proficiency will be reached as well as the pace of services and more.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky received his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School.

In addition to Tempus, his serial entrepreneurial initiatives include technology companies, LightBank, Uptake Technologies and InnerWorkings, among others. And as part of his philanthropic efforts he and his wife, Liz set up a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which focuses on advancing global scientific and educational organizations and foundations.

Lefkofsky is also Chairman of the Board of Steppenwolf Theatre Company and serves on the Board of Trustees of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago and more.