The Vision of George Soros in His Open Society Foundation

You could scour online and find a lot of information about George Soros, the iconic stock trader that got a billion dollars of earnings from a highly improbable event but was so high in rewards. Some of this information is accurate. Some are just noise. Not many of them could probably give you the right information you need without enervating you with noise and distractions, trying to sell you something. In this article, we will try to address that by only giving you the concise but meaty data that you need to know about George Soros. Shall we take it away?

The Capitalist Threat

One of the many articles you can read about George Soros today is the one from The Atlantic that he wrote himself. In it, he discussed the reason behind his act of giving away billions of dollars to the Open Society organization, which targets the development of many programs that educate the public on how to make the economy and market dynamics work better. In the article, he started with a discussion of how historical data has detected problematic issues that could ruin a lot of lives if not addressed. He highlighted in the article that the need for people to be free in a society where there is no one who has the monopoly of truth. This is what George Soros thinks is the problem with Capitalism. Because of extreme globalization, small and diverse communities are forced to adhere to the truths of the oppressing regime or a totalitarian crony corporation. As a result, George Soros opened up the Open Society Foundation and funded with billions of dollars with a mission to create an open society that will not manipulate various truths into creating a single universal truth in the society.

About Open Society

Open Society was founded by George Soros in order to establish a system that will encourage an open system in the world. With a diversity of systems, mindset and attitude across the different continents in the world, it would now be easy to make sure to avoid totalitarian regimes from controlling market indicators.

Open Society, since its inception, has been trying to address the world issues in different parts of the world. It started in Africa but didn’t go as planned. George Soros later turned his attention to Central Europe, where he became more successful than he imagined. He was able to support movements in 1980 at central groups in Czechoslovakia and helped establish different foundations in his native country, Hungary.

Other than the standard programs, George Soros tried to make sure that he’s able to support various alternative activities in the country that he’s in. This act makes sure that there’s an encouragement for groups and people to try out new activities and new programs with their own diverse truths.

Rocketship’s Stellar Education.



Education reform is a common debate topic. Its uncertain nature leads many people to know there is definitively a problem but no clear solution is apparent. One charter school, Rocketship Education, is bringing solutions delivering on solutions. This charter school is truly unique in its all-encompassing approach to ensure student’s success. The school is located in and serves low-income families. It is their hope to address and defeat the achievement gap prevalent in low-income households in our lifetime. Their methods are all-encompassing, focusing first on ensuring that students have all they need to be successful.

This means they take an active role in providing disaster relief to the community. An example of this is when a flood forced the evacuation of many of the student’s families Rocketship took an active role in providing relief. They did so by partnering with Catholic charities and raised $62,000. They quickly put that money to use and were able to help families with vital needs such as deposits on new housing, insurance deductibles, and new clothing. This timely relief ensured that these families were able to continue to work and sustain themselves. Rocketship’s aid also focuses on making sure that student’s needs are met so that they can focus on their education without the stressors associated with poverty holding them back.

Rocket ship’s full scope approach also encompasses the way that students and teachers interact. They begin by seeking out the best teachers available. These educators must be well versed in critical fields such as math and science as well as the humanities. These teachers are trained to provide specialized instruction to each student. This process is begun by making sure the teacher is aware of each student’s unique needs. In order to do this, each teacher is required to visit the student’s home. This helps keep the family of the student involved in their education. An approach that many parents appreciate as they are better able to understand their children’s needs. Rocketship’s approach is paying off big. They were recently ranked in the top 10% of California’s low-income school districts.