Securus Technologies’ Crime Prevention Tools and Strategies

Securus Technologies, a Texas-based firm is a company whose principal mantra is providing technology-based solutions in solving and preventing crime. By doing so, the company has stepped up the level of public safety in clients environs. In addition to general and corporate crimes, Securus also helps in dealing with inmate-on-inmate based crimes and complaints.


Securus Technologies chief executive officer (CEO) Richard A. Smith, said that one of their business strategies is to develop a new technology-based product or service that fulfils client’s needs and wants in crime related matters. The move has highly boosted the company’s profile and performance over time. “Our incremental builds to business products are highly incorporated with safety strategies to protect and safeguard our clients”, a statement said by the CEO.


An analysis made from client’s responses and reviews deduced some of the following primary tools and techniques used by Securus technology in delivery of their services;

Call monitoring and recording


Communications via phone calls by corporate personnel liaising on mischievous are now used as evidence in prosecution and obtaining of search warrants conveniently. Drug cartels capturing is also an easy task with the call monitoring especially with calls between inmates and external contacts.


Secret and hidden CCTV monitoring

Contraband trades by employees have drastically reduced due to prosecutions made from uncovered crimes made by the hidden CCTV cameras, boosting healthy business and its performance.


Investigative and data reporting tools

Technology-based tools provided by Securus to clients helps in boosting ongoing fulltime investigations. One of the features in the investigative tools includes the covert feature. Incorporation with the covert feature clients, firms can comfortably generate reports to use as evidence with the reporting tools provided by Securus.


Customized security software

Among other customized software, is the LBS security software used by both government and private law enforcement agencies in uncovering illegalities, making their investigative job simpler to accomplish.


Investigator Pro

A jail based software that is used alongside the phone services to conduct investigations.


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