Imran Haque is an exceptionally caring doctor specializing in internal medicine. His medical services are excellent since he is an expert with a license to private practice. He has a degree in medicine from the of Universidad Iberoamericana situated at Santo Domingo. Imran also has an M.D which he obtained at the University of Virginia.

Haque bases his practice in Asheboro where he provides medical services for those residing there and the surrounding areas. His services are numerous, for example, diabetes management, physical examinations, contouring of Venus body, 360 resurfacing, services of weight management among others.

Imran Haque has done this work for a decade and a half.

In an interview, Imran Haque talks about himself and his sphere of specialization. He says that his idea for the business that he runs came from the inspiration that the people needed services unavailable locally. Haque intended to revive the principle perishing in the medical community which he calls ‘’good bedside manner’’. He is one committed person by his hard work, being diligent, does a lot of research, and he is financially supportive enabling productivity in all aspects. His consistent, unique skill of multitasking has contributed significantly to his entrepreneurship.

He claims that medicine has been massively improved by the incorporation of technology in Health Care. The processes of health care such as data entry and coordination of care have gotten enhanced by the new way of centralization of information.

Imran Haque has a notion that he believes in that people ought not to harden their hearts to humankind, but one should also not let others take advantage of their empathy or generosity. He says he would want everyone to daily express kindness and respect to everyone, just like the way he does. His golden rule that has helped him in business is about treating others just as the way you’d wish them to. It has helped him especially in building compassionate interpersonal relationships with others in his profession. It has also set a firm foundation for his networking and in connections. Imran had once ventured into sock and textile enterprise and he, unfortunately, didn’t manage to safeguard it, but he later learns to stick to his medical domain.

U.S Money Reserve Reaches Out to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Kindness is powerful. That is why recently, The U.S Money Reserve announced its plan to partner with the prominent , Austin Network of Disaster and Relief, in the fight against Hurricane Harvey and the crisis it caused to many families. The partnership is geared towards making sure that the affected individuals fully recover from the devastating events of Hurricane Harvey. The services offered by ADRN and the U.S Money Reserve focus on bettering the lives of the affected families. From offering financial assistance to emergency housing, transportation in addition to spiritual and emotional support, this project is set to transform the lives of Hurricane Harvey’s survivors. Learn more:


How U.S Money Reserve Plans to Project Assistance


U.S Money Reserve plans to organize a project dubbed relief fund, with the entire donation channeled to the Austin Network of Disaster and Relief. This is a move towards finding immediate response in regards to a call for help. The main focus for U.S Money Reserve is funding multiple projects focusing towards emergency relief. This will be possible through the funds. Perhaps the donations from U.S Money Reserve might match up YouCaring donations that generated from Austin Network of Disaster and Relief. The donation is open until September.




U.S Money Reserve is affected because the disaster hit closer to home. This has been devastating as many people were affected by the natural event. From storms to strong winds that swept away property across Gulf Coast to debris with huge, destructive impact, it is evident that Hurricane Harvey affected even the employees in the local region. Clients were equally affected. What is more, the U.S Money Reserve has major operating offices in Beaumont in addition to Lumberton. The partnership is therefore, beneficial to the company as well. By giving back to the community, U.S Money Reserve is building its reputation. If you would like to be part of the donations, check this site.


Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has caused disaster in Texas. Many have lost lives and property. Sadly, this is a major hurricane since the most devastating Hurricane Wilma, which dates back to 2005. From breaking bridges to causing catastrophic flooding in Texas, the support from U.S Money Reserve is definitely required.




The U.S Money Reserve is a household name. Highly regarded for its input in the acquisition of gold, silver and platinum, U.S Money Reserve has been diligently, serving clients through trusted channels. Over 2,000 customers have given positive reviews in regards to their ability to provide the best coins. Learn more:


Built on Shaky Ground

The Quincy, an unassuming apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has become synonymous with criminal activity, particularly robberies and shootings, along with woefully inadequate security, leaving residents to live in fear that they may become involved in the next incident. Like many such tragedies, The Quincy’s notoriety was the result of the best of intentions failing miserably in execution.

It’s a sensitive subject, but it goes back to the ‘white flight’ phenomena of the 60s and 70s where white families leaving New Brunswick as minorities began moving in, The Quincy becoming one of many. Racism is very much at the center of this story, but the real cause was a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers University to encourage the building of hotels in the area and adding a new Johnson & Johnson center downtown with the hope of providing jobs for the new residents in the area. These noble intentions were quickly sullied by racially-motivated raids on various apartment buildings with the intention to force out certain types of residents and illegal immigrants, resulting in the demolishing of Puerto Rican, along with many black neighborhoods, to build a hotel, The Quincy.

Built on a foundation of such vitriol and tension, it’s no wonder how The Quincy quickly earned its notorious reputation it has today and it didn’t take long for it to become a hot spot for criminal activity.

On May 7, 2013 a pizza man arrived at The Quincy complex, only to learn that none of the residents had ordered a pizza. However, the trap was sprung as the deliverer returned to his car, being jumped by three men who proceeded to steal his money, the pizza, and shooting him before driving off. As too who staged the incident, a suspect was found and charged through cell phone information. The deliverer wasn’t the only victim either, as another shooting victim turned up at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital shortly after the incident.

Another shooting was reported in October of 2015, committed by a gangster and resulting in four victims, resulting in one minor injury, resulting in an extensive investigation of New Brunswick Apartments upon discovery of more bullets at the crime scene, concluding that the one who drove the victim to the hospital was, in fact, the suspect. The police chief stated that such events are all too common.

The Quincy is the result of many different factors and stands as an epitaph to an age-old problem that may never see a true resolution and that even the best intentions can have detrimental consequences.