A Sneak Peak Of Some Of Michael Zomber’s Books, Films And Documentaries

Introduction To Michael Zomber

Mike Zomber is first and foremost a historian. The periods of history that Mr. Zomber is most interested in and focuses on is the Civil War era in the United States. He is also very passionate about the Japanese samurai and feudal Japan.

Mr. Zomber is also a famed weapons, armor and gun collector. He has been collecting historical weapons and artifacts for over 40 years now. In addition to being a collector, Mike is a noteworthy auctions dealer who has sold many timeless pieces of history. Far from being just a weapons collector and dealer, Mike is also an internationally recognized authority on historical guns, samurai swords, armor and other primitive and early weapons used by man.

A Peak At The Books Mike Zomber Has Written

Mr. Zomber has written two books on the subject of Japanese feudal society and the samurai warriors of Japan. His nonfiction work called Jesus and the Samurai: The Shining Religion and the Samurai is a historical account of the influence of Christianity on Japanese feudalism and its warrior class. It was compiled with historical evidence, such as recorded history and artifacts. His other Japanese themed book is called Shogun Iemitsu: War And Romance In 17Th Century Tokugawa Japan. This is a fictional historical novel set during the 17th century of Japan. It gives readers a glimpse of the lives of samurai under Japanese feudalism. An extensive glossary that explains what Japanese terms are is featured at the end of the novel. This is so readers can better understand and learn about the Japanese culture.

A Snapshot Of Some Of The Films And Documentaries He Has Created

The highly acclaimed documentary, called Soul of the Samurai, was created by Michael Zomber through his video production company, called Renascent Films. The Soul of the Samurai, as its name implies is an in depth documentary about the lives, culture and code that the samurais of Japan lived by. Two feature films have also been produced by Michael Zomber. They are La Cucaracha and Deep Sea Diving.