The Man Leading The Fight for Open Societies

A Background In The World

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela. Like many in Venezuela his family actively fights for freedom against the oppressive regimes that have long dominated politics in his home country. This has resulted in many of his family members facing arrest and even death at the hands of their oppressors, but they continue to fight. Halvorssen himself is not able to live in Venezuela, but he uses his influence in America to support them and to advance in any way possible a way to change the country he was born in.

The Human Rights Foundation

2004 was an incredibly eventful year for Thor Halvorssen. The year saw the opening of the Human Rights Organization, but he also lost his mother to political violence. This tragedy didn’t weaken his desire to fight for human rights but instead made him stronger. He devoted the Human Rights Foundation to fighting the very specific reason his mother was killed. In an open society people are able to determine their position in life. The government doesn’t define where you reside in life and the only limits are the ones you choose.

How To Win Over Hearts And Minds

The center of everything he does is his filmography. When people see for themselves the sorts of things that often happen because of dictatorships, they naturally decide to do everything they can to fight against them. There are times when his life is placed in danger, but this does little to stop Thor Halvorssen from continuing to expose corruption abroad.

Thor Halvorssen Today

He continues to direct the Human Rights Foundation as its president and he continues to create new projects that will allow him to advance his causes. One of the most recent efforts is the Oslo Freedom Foundation. These international conferences have their origins in Norway, but just like Halvorssen himself is a global man they have expanded to other countries. These meetings serve as a way to unite activists and help them think of ways to encourage others to join their fight. Thor Halvorssen has fought for human rights for decades and he shows no signs of stopping.