FreedomPop Has Become A Powerhouse In The Wireless Services Business

FreedomPop hasn’t always been the powerful company that they are now, even though they were always offering their free services to anyone who wanted to use them. The fact that FreedomPop is still allowing their free cell phone service to be available to their customers shows their true dedication to their business model, which is to provide free services to everyone. Although a lot of people like getting free services, not everyone sticks with the service, especially when the paid services are so much more enticing. Now, FreedomPop has paid services that are low-cost with big benefits.


Take a look at the unlimited everything plan that is constantly talked about in a FreedomPop review. The plan only costs $19.99, which is a significant reduction in price, compared to other wireless companies. The plan consists of the same services too, which is unlimited data, talk, and text messages, but FreedomPop is able to offer the services at an extraordinarily lower price than their predecessors. Some may consider FreedomPop as being late to the game, but their wireless services are bringing more people back to wireless companies, especially if they left in the past because they were tired of service contracts and more.


With FreedomPop, there is no service contract, so no one is expected to stick with the company for years, which is what the majority of wireless companies are doing these days. With prices so low, there is no need for a service contract, which is great news for anyone who is experiencing credit problems or anything else that may be keeping them from getting cell phone services from other major providers. FreedomPop welcomes everyone to their services, and those who want to pay even less than $19.99 per month have additional choices.


Another choice from FreedomPop is the paid plan for $10.99 that comes with unlimited text messages and talk time with 500 MB of data. The free plan also includes 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and it also has unlimited text messages. One other plan that is not mentioned enough is the Wi-Fi service plan, which costs five dollars per month and allows anyone to use Wi-Fi services for their phone calls, text messages, and when they want to use the Internet. With the several different service plans that FreedomPop offers, there really is no need to choose any other popular wireless carrier.

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