Andy Wirth Shows Others That Dreams Can Come True

Many Olympic hopefuls dream of entering the beginning of the snowy slopes in Lake Tahoe. The area where dreams were made for several others many years ago when the Olympics were held on the mountains of Lake Tahoe. California and Nevada both welcome the hopefuls with open arms. The Tahoe area straddles both states with comradery and compassion for the hopefuls. The town is full of buzz and excitement when a new Olympic hopeful dreamer skis into town. They roll out the red carpet for these individuals. No one understands this any better than Andy Wirth and the Squaw Valley Ski resorts in the area.

Andy Wirth has been involved with the resorts and the area for over 25 years. Andy and his wife both live in the Truckee area of California. She is a real estate lawyer and adventurer like Andy. They both enjoy the ski slopes as well as other dangerous activities like ski diving. They both take the adventures to new heights when they soar above the mountains of Nevada. Recently, Andy almost lost his arm when he was skydiving. He accidentally landed on a post supporting vines in a vineyard. Luck was on his side because the surgeons were able to patch his arm back where he did not lose all of his use of his arm. Now Andy is using his recent accident as an encourage for helping others. Andy is raising funds for the Wounded Warrior and Navy Seal Foundations. He is also using his good luck to help him help others succeed. Andy is a good hearted individual that is soaring high in his career and dreams for his state of California.

Andy has an extensive history of helping his home town. He was instrumental in helping the merger of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. One ticket for both resort areas is the positive outcome. Andy now is Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport. He is helping Olympic hopefuls to secure their dream of riding the powder that Olympians rode many years ago. He is also helping bring tourist the the Casinos in Nevada and the rivers in the surrounding areas. Andy is doing a lot for the state of Nevada and California. He hopes to increase the tourist to the areas.