How Does Keith Mann Give Back to His Community?

Some say that the truest measurement of success is how much you give back, and there’s no better example of this notion than Kieth Mann. Keith Mann, a co-founder at Dynamic Search Partners, has seen great success over his many years which has allowed him to reinvest his earnings in New York City in a number of ways.

In February of 2015, Mann saw violence breaking out during what were meant to be peaceful protests in New York City. To show his unwavering support to New York’s Finest, Keith Mann and his wife Keely sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct, a small token of his appreciation that showed the brave men and women serving their community that he cared. Mann’s wife, whose uncle is a detective in Staten Island, feels an especially strong connection to the importance of law enforcement and those who serve, making this gesture of good faith one that is incredibly close to home.

It’s not just the morale of law enforcement officers that Mann chooses to support in his free time. Keith Mann knows that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs need to be fostered and nurtured with a strong education as well. That’s why Keith Man partnered with his own Dynamic Search Partners to help raise $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. This network of schools that spans three states helps to close the achievement gap by helping prepare students from low-income families succeed and high school and ultimately graduate from college.

Of course, not all forms of philanthropy come in the form of monetary contributions. Sometimes, action speaks loudest of all, and that’s precisely what Mann did when wild fires threatened to separate evacuating residents from their beloved pets. Mann, how is an experienced pilot, willingly broke Suncor Energy’s rules regarding the number of manner in which animals are permitted to fly in order to ensure that owners and pets could be safely reunited.

What else does Keith Mann have up his sleeve? Only time will tell, but it’s clear that this entrepreneur and philanthropist is committed to giving back in more ways than one.