50 Fastest Growing Companies in Austin, Texas Revealed

Status Labs, the premier digital reputation management, digital marketing and public relations firm, has been honored as one of the fastest growing companies in Austin, Texas.

The standing was awarded by the Austin Business Journal for the company’s 1,099% growth for the three year period of 2012 and 2015. As part of the requirements for the ABJ annual Fast 50 list, companies must have encountered impressive profits during the past three years.

Status Labs president and chief executive Darius Fisher commented in a statement how privileged the company is to be distinguished as one of Austin’s 50 fastest growing companies. He also stated the recognition emphasizes the company’s efforts to reinforce and fortify its digital operations.

According to Fisher, the company has brought together an extremely talented team and its accomplishments would not be possible without their dedication and enthusiasm.

Status Labs offers communications strategies and media relations as well as assists clients, that include Fortune 500 companies and global public and political figures, in connecting with their viewers with compelling subject matter.

The company’s influence can be realized in industries that include real estate, technology, health care among others.

Earlier this year, Status Labs was named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2016. The company works with more than 1500 clients in 40 countries.

Also joining Status Labs on the list of fastest growing companies are local Austin businesses Clear Measures Inc., Sabre Commercial, Freedom Solar Power among others.

The awards ceremony will be hosted by the Austin Business Journal on October 27.

The complete list of fastest growing companies is available at http://advertising.utexas.edu/internships/general-public-relations/status-labs

Keith Mann Helps Our Community A Lot

Keith Mann has been helping our community for a long time, and he is showing us how to raise money for the schools and make it a better place for kids to grow up. There are many kids in our community who are learning about how to get to college, and these same kids are getting scholarships that will help them get to college after we have been preaching to them about going to college. Keith Mann has a scholarship program that helps our kids, and he also have created a platform for raising money that makes the schools better.

The scholarship program gives $5000 to one kid every year, and I know that a lot of kids are going out for it because it will help them when they are planning to go to school. I have had one of my children apply, and I know that my other two children will be applying. Keith Mann has been very good to our community, and he has shown that our community can improve when people are investing in it. That means that we all have to develop our community as best we can, and he cares because he is a native New Yorker.

Keith Mann’s work for our community has meant a lot to us, and I know that he can help a lot of us in ways that we could not have helped ourselves. We believe that we can improve the education our kids get, and we can teach the kids that there is a way to move on that is not just sitting around here. Our schools are our best avenue for helping, and that is why I am so impressed with Keith Mann. He has done a lot of good work for us that makes our kids’ lives better.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Wants To Send You Athletic Outfits

It isn’t always easy to know which outfit you want to sport to the gym. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose, and sometimes you just need something new altogether. Even that can present its own set of difficulties on Facebook. Staying up on the current fashion trends is important to most women, especially women who are also conscious of their health and general appearance. Women like you want to have a good image. Maybe, an image like that of Kate Hudson?

That’s surprisingly easy now, with the recent success of Kate Hudson’s online store, Fabletics. Fabletics is an online store that sends its members a new outfit each month, handpicked just for them. These outfits are chosen based on what you like in terms of fashion as well as the types of workouts that you enjoy. Fabletics allows you to have outfits selected for you by Kate Hudson’s company every month, ensuring that you look trendy and are wearing the latest in athletic attire.

The company is gaining in popularity. Their newest addition on Instagram, FL2 provides the same service for men, and Fabletics now offers dresses as well as trendy outfits to wear on swimming trips. Offline stores have been popping up everywhere, and already include locations in Las Vegas, Ohio and the Woodland Hills. In the next few years, Forbes magazine experts expect those numbers of locations to increase into the hundreds.

Fabletics began in 2013 and it established a physical store just two years later. The company uses personally shot film from Kate Hudson’s own smartphone, which ultimately end up used in Fabletics’ commercials and other advertising efforts.

To become a member of Fabletics requires a monthly subscription starting at $49.95 and responding to a small list of questions about your lifestyle, fashion and athletic preferences. The answers you provide are used to personalize the outfits that are sent to you at the beginning of each month. If for any reason you decide that you want to skip a month, there is no problem, and you won’t be charged for that month. This provides a level of control that has felt empowering to its members.

Doing things in their own way is definitely working well for Fabletics. Membership feels like having a celebrity wardrobe manager, and the outfits that are selected are always spot on. It’s no wonder the company is growing so fast.

How Does Keith Mann Give Back to His Community?

Some say that the truest measurement of success is how much you give back, and there’s no better example of this notion than Kieth Mann. Keith Mann, a co-founder at Dynamic Search Partners, has seen great success over his many years which has allowed him to reinvest his earnings in New York City in a number of ways.

In February of 2015, Mann saw violence breaking out during what were meant to be peaceful protests in New York City. To show his unwavering support to New York’s Finest, Keith Mann and his wife Keely sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct, a small token of his appreciation that showed the brave men and women serving their community that he cared. Mann’s wife, whose uncle is a detective in Staten Island, feels an especially strong connection to the importance of law enforcement and those who serve, making this gesture of good faith one that is incredibly close to home.

It’s not just the morale of law enforcement officers that Mann chooses to support in his free time. Keith Mann knows that tomorrow’s entrepreneurs need to be fostered and nurtured with a strong education as well. That’s why Keith Man partnered with his own Dynamic Search Partners to help raise $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. This network of schools that spans three states helps to close the achievement gap by helping prepare students from low-income families succeed and high school and ultimately graduate from college.

Of course, not all forms of philanthropy come in the form of monetary contributions. Sometimes, action speaks loudest of all, and that’s precisely what Mann did when wild fires threatened to separate evacuating residents from their beloved pets. Mann, how is an experienced pilot, willingly broke Suncor Energy’s rules regarding the number of manner in which animals are permitted to fly in order to ensure that owners and pets could be safely reunited.

What else does Keith Mann have up his sleeve? Only time will tell, but it’s clear that this entrepreneur and philanthropist is committed to giving back in more ways than one.

Inmate Calling Is Regulated Under The Top Communication Provider

Securus Technologies has been proudly serving the community for over 25 years and making sure that inmate communication providers are under complete governmental regulation. In a recent PRN News article Securus Technologies has admitted that the largest inmate network provider has processed over 3 million calls last year and it is very important to ensure that those calls have proper surveillance and monitoring. You can rest assured that they will allow every minute under your contract and you won’t have to worry about the threat of dropped calls. The public Utility Commission works closely with Securus to ensure that they are successfully issuing audit reports for each inmate provider under their jurisdiction.

Many inmates and their families complain about the cost of traditional inmate calls. They can be expensive and cause a lot of loved ones to miss out on the opportunity of staying connected. Unfortunately, the use of an operator can amount to additional charges and financially strapped families can’t afford. Securus Technologies has listened to their customers and they have teamed up with Vimeo to add an automated connect feature that will save inmates and their families time and money.

If you’re interested in staying in touch with your loved ones you can talk to them over the internet for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone calls. It gives you the option to talk to your loved ones face-to-face. This feature first became popular when the courts decided that they were going to attempt to reduce the cost of transporting and inmate to a court hearing. They would talk to inmates through a monitor from the facility and it saved the courts on average 26%. Securus now offers their customers video chat features that allows them to control the picture and volume. If you’re interested in learning more about Securus Technologies features and programs you should visit their official website for more details.