Class Dojo Is Helping Bring School Communities Together

Class Dojo is a relatively new communication tool designed for education that was launched in 2011. This program is allowing parents and teachers as well as students to stay better connected within the school environment. Through the app, teachers can send photos, videos, as well as direct messages. The communication platform was designed to increase the quality of education through more positive and strengthened school communities.

With this innovative program, teachers are getting the tools they need to bring out the best in their students and help them learn more effectively in the classroom with more personalized learning.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don are the co-founders of Class Dojo and say they decided to develop the program when they looked at the gap for such a learning program in the market. The program aims to help struggling teachers more effectively engage their students and help them learn through the right approach in the classroom.
Class Dojo’s growth mindset videos are also available which promote the idea that students can continue to develop their own intelligence and learn better through encouragement and confidence.

Teachers can use the program to schedule events or activities in the classroom as well as inform parents of any important information at any time on a regular basis. The apps school story board allows teachers to share classroom moments through video and picture shots that parents can look in on.

Often times, communication can be the key to the learning success of a student, and with Class Dojo, constant communication is possible throughout the entire academic year each and every day. Parents can actively stay connected to their children and take part in their activities through the app. The app also reminds parents of upcoming school activity’s and events so they are not caught off guard or missing out on their students school activity.

With a large amount of success so far, Class Dojo has managed to works its way into the hands of more than two thirds of schools in the United States today. All schools are welcome to the program, regardless if they are public or private. Participation is easy as it only requires an invitation from an instructor and device with an internet connection.

Class Dojo’s goal since launching was to create better educational through improving school communities into positive environments. Their hope is to change the way education is seen from the ground up across the glove. With continued success, Class Dojo plans to increase their size and continue developing new features and content for improving the quality of education for students.


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