Status Labs: Preparing You for Anything

When it comes to your online reputation, it can be either be a good one or a bad one. That all depends on how you handle it, how you approach it, and how you interact with people. When people look for you, you want positive things to be out there about you and said about you. Some things are out of your control, but with Status Labs, they can help you manage it, control it, and defeat it. They are in your corner to help you, as with all of this new social media, it can both be a blessing and a curse. People can say whatever they way, but sometimes they say things just to get a rise out of people.

However, Status Labs is here to help if you are making a PR pitch. They have put together five things for you to remember and take into consideration. Again, they are by your side to help you and prepare you for this new world we live in, as not a lot of people are ready for it or know how to handle it. That is OK. That is what Status Labs is here for, and it is what they pride themselves on.

I mentioned social media and don’t be afraid to add people on social media, have them be your friend, as it will give them a sample of what you are all about and what you stand for. It is a free platform to get them to see your work. When pitching your idea, make sure it is clear without any confusion, and then ask for their honest opinion. There is nothing wrong with constructive criticism. This is also part of staying on the topic of whatever you are promoting. Their time is limited, so make sure you hit home with them right away. Next, everyone loves a great yarn, so tell a story that captures their attention and keeps it. Lastly, offer them what they want. When starting out, you need to be able to do what they want and tell them you will do it in a timely fashion and produce quality work.

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