Autism Rocks Foundation: Sanjay Shah’s Association

Have you heard about Solo Capital before? This is a company that offers financial services to customers from all over the world. They have their headquarters in London but they have others in Dubai, the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg and Malta among other areas. The company is also known for giving financial advisory services to individuals and institutions.


How did Solo Capital start? The financial institution is known but most people do not know or appreciate the story behind its being establishment. Its history traces back to the financial crisis in 2009. Sanjay Shah, its founder as well as CEO was working for banks as an accountant then. He, along with other employees, was made redundant and he had to look for other ways to fend for himself and stay in the business. This is how he decided to start a business which offers brokerage services to clients. In 2011, his company, Solo Capital, was officially launched.


What most people do not also know is that it was not Sanjay’s dream at the beginning to be an entrepreneur. In fact, at some point, he was a medical student, studying to be a physician. He, however, decided to change careers and study to be an accountant. After completing his studies he got jobs working in banks and that his how his passion grew.


When Sanjay married and had a son, his career was still his passion. However, after his son was diagnosed with a condition called autism, he developed another passion. He realised that not everyone had the comfort and even the money to have their children go for therapy so as to help them deal with the condition. He therefore decided to help others, especially families which had children born with autism. This is how his Autism Rocks Foundation came to be.


Autism Rocks is an association that strives to contribute towards the creation of autism awareness in the United Kingdom and beyond. Their contributions are also channelled towards research and finding a cure for the condition. They organise concerts in different places in the world to help people and create this awareness.


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