How The Human Rights Foundation Is A Force Against Evil

The world may be a more dangerous place now than it’s ever been, but even with the dangers and conflicts fighters for freedom continue to emerge in more creative ways than ever. The Human Rights Foundation, a non-profit organization has correspondents who go to places that few other people dare to go. Even in countries where brutal regimes control the flow of resources and information, the Human Rights Foundation goes to those places to combat tyranny and give a voice to those affected by suppressive laws and encourage them to speak out against wrongdoing. Countries that the Human Rights Foundation has operated in include North Korea, China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and others that have seen turmoil in recent years.

Heading up the Human Rights Foundation is a man named Thor Halvorssen, a 37-year old man who considers himself one of the sons of liberty. Halvorssen has given many interviews to mainstream news outlets, spoken at international conferences and rallies, and produced video documentaries detailing various refugee accounts of escaping tyrannical governments. Halvorssen lives his life in some unconventional ways, not really having a permanent place of residence, preferring to stay off the grid, and tends to show up at odd times and without announcement. It’s likely because he and his organization have become wanted people in various countries, that he prefers to keep high security on his laptops and maintain as much anonymity as he can.

According to Huffington Post, what drove Halvorssen to engage in his world-wide freedom fights and adventures is how close the cause hits home to him. Halvorssen, while Norwegian in descent by his father, is Venezuelan on his mother’s side and grew up in that nation witnessing the rise of the Chavez government. He saw his father imprisoned when he was young and his mother wounded by gunfire later, all in the name of speaking out against Chavez and exposing his wrongdoing to the world. The steadfastness and adherence to principle of his parents and cousin inspired Halvorssen to start his human rights endeavors all over the world. One of his first endeavors was helping to abolish segregation laws in South Africa, and recently he and actor Christian Bale have helped negotiate the release of a Chinese defector.

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