Mike Paul Added to Advisory Board

Status Labs, the online reputation management firm, announced in February 2016, that Mike Paul, President of Reputation Doctor LLC, has been added as a new board advisor. Mike Paul is a internationally recognized expert in public relations crisis management. Not only does is Mr. Paul well acclaimed in prevention and reparation of digital disasters in the business sector, he has also established himself in government relations and is an expert in litigation support. After building one of the most successful reputation management firms in the world, this partnership with Status Labs will enable the company to scale, according to Status Labs President, Darius Fisher.

Mr. Fisher, being a young entrepreneur himself, feels he can learn much from an established professional such as Mr. Paul, who has walked the same footsteps and can advise Status Labs on how to keep on track, financially and ethically. In speaking of his new joint venture with Status Labs, Mike Paul stated, “In my professional opinion, there are many firms and companies in the online reputation management space which are very unethical in their business approach,” Paul continued. “Status Labs in not one of those companies…”

Mr. Paul has quite an impressive resume of clients and organizations he has counseled over the past twenty-five years, including General Motors, Merrill Lynch, Kraft Foods and The People’s Republic of China. Mike Paul has been featured on many national broadcast outlets such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the BBC News. With this type of experience and exposure, Status Labs can expect Mr. Paul to provide plenty of strategic counsel and insight to a company and industry that is rapidly growing.

As for Darius Fischer, he is one of the rising stars of the online reputation management world. Recently recognized by Innovation 50, which salutes fifty of the most innovative rising stars of online PR and digital communications in the agency, in-house, and social media sectors. Mr. Fisher plans to continue to grow his company by using a guarantee-approach in online reputation management and the industry should look forward to big results from this partnership in the future.