Passion For Literature

Jaime Garcia Dias is a common name in the Brazilian writers and educators’ scene. He is namely a top author and educator through his mastery in his art, Dias has bagged the hearts of readers from across the globe. Through one of his tweets, he states that starting his career very early is one of the reasons he is successful.

Dias’ career in literature commenced when he was just fifteen years old. As a small kid, Dias was very interested in literature. At this age, he succeeded in write an entire book that in turn enabled him to chase his career in literature. Dias’ passion for literature was greatly influenced by his father who was a journalist and had a collection of books and was passionate for writing. He has also named Jorge Amado as one of the icons who motivated him to be a great writer.

At the age of 23, he became a teacher at the most renowned literature academics in Brazil. He was named the vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy. In this time, he also wrote a number of books instituting himself as a chief author. In 2001, his book won the White Crane earning him recognition in the entire globe. In 2007, he was named president of the faculty at the Carioca Literature Academy.

Dias has used his knowledge to make the academy one of the best in the entire country for upcoming writers who want to be authors. In 2013, he honored his father by publishing chronicles in the journal do Brazil, and starting his own blog. The journals commanded a great following that he was asked to write a weekly literature notebook. To date, he has written 20 books and won numerous awards inclusive of, ABC award from Brazil Fictional Literature.  Follow his YouTube account for more information about what Jaime is doing next, and the creative enterprises he continues to pursue.