OrganoGold is More Than Just A Cup of Coffee–It’s a Lifestyle

OrganoGold came to be in 2008 when CEO and founder, popular Twitter businessman Bernardo Chua, decided to act on his dream to bring the ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma to the rest of the world. As OrganoGold’s only employee at the time, Chua saw that coffee companies were lacking an emphasis on health and balance. On his website Chua believed deeply that his company, OrganoGold, would fill the void of well-being, balance, and prosperity in the coffee industry.

While most coffee companies focus on feeding their clients’ caffeine-craze, Bernardo Chua and OrganoGold’s focus has been on not only coffee, but a variety of healthy products including nutraceuticals and teas dedicated to their customer’s overall welfare. Over the last seven years, OrganoGold has seen itself grow from its modest start in Richmond, B.C., Canada to one of the most prominent distributors across the globe. This is due in part to Chua’s history as a successful businessman prior to starting the company, as well as his studies at the University of the East in Milan, but also largely in part to the product and the philosophy that OrganoGold offers.

OrganoGold makes a conscientious effort to provide products that will benefit the consumer, not just appease them. This ideal is as refreshing as their beverages. They are committed to providing Ganoderma that is organic and full of polysaccharides, triterpenes, and selenium so there are maximal benefits and minimal risks in every product. Furthermore, OrganoGold is a company committed to its worldwide distributors and their success, hosting international events and workshops that introduce business philosophies and frameworks to that end. The perks for distributors do not stop there– they are given an extraordinary number of incentives to invest their time and energy in their business, with generous programs that offer vacation and high-end vehicle incentives.

With a product unique to the coffee and nutraceutical industries, promise of genuine health benefits, a growing base of distributors across the globe, and a system that promotes the success of its employees, it is easy to see how OrganoGold is more than a company that just sells a cup of coffee. It is a company that is dedicated to a lifestyle of good health, hard work, balance, and growth, extending from its founder and employees to its customers.