The Dangerous Women of One Life to Live

It’s been a few years since the goings-on in Llanview graced our television screens, but while One Life to Live is gone, it’s certainly not forgotten. Although the groundbreaking and Emmy-winning daytime soap was largely centered around the exploits of noble heroine Viki Lord, some of the program’s most memorable characters were the vixens and villains whose schemes and plots stirred up trouble in the fictional Philadelphia suburb.

One classic vixen during the show’s heyday was Stacy Morasco, masterfully played by Crystal Hunt. During her time in Llanview, ex-stripper Stacy did everything she could to try to steal the love of the handsome Rex Balsom from her own sister, including passing off another man’s child as Rex’s flesh and blood! While her scheme was ultimately unsuccessful, Rex still risked his life trying to prevent Stacy’s untimely death in an icy lake.

Outside the show, Crystal Hunt is known for myriad roles in television and film all of which can be found on Wikipedia, including her work with Zac Efron in the family film The Derby Stallion and a role in the much-lauded film Magic Mike XXL. Recently, she produced the film Talbot County, a horror film directed by Bev Land which is currently in post-production.  Crystal can be found on Instagram.

Of course, no list of Llanview’s villains could be complete without fan-favorite Margaret Cochran, played by Tari Signor. Dreamy publisher Todd Manning led this humble and unassuming accountant on as part of a convoluted plot of his own, but he got a lot more than he bargained for. Once spurned, Margaret’s scheme to get Manning under her thumb started with a little bit of photoshopped blackmail and escalated into shooting out Todd’s kneecaps and stashing him in a cabin! One faked murder, one secret baby, and one van crash later, Margaret finally left the show in a blaze of glory.

Between kidnappings, stolen children, and even cold-blooded murder, the dangerous women of One Life to Live made sure there was never a dull moment in Llanview!