Do things Different with Greg Hague’s “Real Estate Mavericks” Training Program

You just passed your state and national real estate licensing exams, if you did congratulations you have taken the first step to your success! Perhaps you have been in the business for a while but aren’t quite up to the level you want to be at, or no place near it. What you need is help to learn how to operate your business to win more listings and make more money! Investing in yourself by hiring a real estate coach is a sound idea.

Greg Hague, founder of “Real Estate Mavericks” real estate consulting is an American businessman, lawyer and real estate consultant. An entrepreneur who received his first real estate license at age 18 and his first license to practice law at the young age of 26. He started his career working at his family’s real estate firm, Hague Realtors which was the largest firm in the Cincinnati area. Then in 1978 he started his own firm, Heritage House Real Estate. Within a year of its founding, the firm was also one of the largest in the area with 11 offices, 220 agents and more than 600 listings. In 1981, he moved his family to Scottsdale, Arizona with and founded WHY USA, a real estate firm with a set $990 fee to sell a house. That too enjoyed tremendous success and expanded to include over 200 agents, and he even franchised the company to over 100 offices before selling it to it’s management. The business model for WHY USA was even showcased in two best selling books of the time.

In 1993, Greg went on to start his own luxury homes company, Hague Partners. Greg passed the Arizona Bar Exam in 2010 with the highest score in the state. He worked with a firm and did some volunteer work and started his own law firm as well, Hague Law Group which gets great reviews from AVVO. He has written a book a”How Fathers Change Lives” and has a website with blog, called Savvy Dad. He has taught law as an adjunct professor and was even named professor of the year in 2011 at The Phoenix school of law. Greg is a driven entrepreneur who has proven he gets results and a true professional in every field he engages in.

Greg’s real estate training company “Real Estate Mavericks”, is a consulting firm with Greg as a coach to teach agents to break free from conforming to traditional roles agents use for listing homes and earning business. He focuses on training agents to achieve their goals, through mentoring, fresh ideas and approaches and accountability.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, Greg can teach and guide you. He has been there, and done that. Unlike some other coaches he knows his ideas work because they did for him. He says what real estate agents today need is more creativity and less boring approaches.

“Real Estate Mavericks” offers real estate consulting services such as courses, live events and online linked in classes.