Aloha Construction is a construction company that provides quality construction services. While they are located in Lake Zurich, IL, they provide services for people throughout all of Illinois as well as southern Wisconsin. The company is run by CEO Dave Farbaky. Dave has led his company to success by raising the expectations of his business. He has set the standard very high regarding job quality and customer satisfaction rates. Aloha Construction values these aspects to a great degree. Dave has also created his own foundation called the Dave Farbaky foundation. The program works to provide assistance in various ways other than construction services. Some of what they do includes charitable services. One of the recent events that the Dave Farbaky foundation took part in was a shopping spree. The event was designed for children in low income families. They provided free toys for these children, knowing that their parents were struggling financially. Aloha Construction is a one of a kind construction company. They focus on helping others and enjoy doing so. On top of their charitable contributions, they also provide very high quality services. Among their specialty services are roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window jobs. When it comes to roofing, you should not try to do this alone. Even trained professionals will find the job very challenging to complete. Workers at this company will perform a full inspection of your roof before working on it. In doing so, they are able to make sure that your roof will be done perfectly. Siding is another job that can be quite daunting to accomplish alone. In reality, siding is one of the most important aspects of your home. Not only does siding add protection, it also gives your home a personal feel and look. Specialists working for this company can do a high quality job in a timely manner. Gutter work is another specialty job that this company offers. Gutters are necessary to ensure that water is properly run off of your roof. Workers here will get the job done. Finally, contact Aloha Construction for assistance with door/window work.


Dr Jennifer Walden and her career

Plastic surgery has been in the negative spotlight in the media due to the abuse of the system and some mishaps that can happen. However, there are many positive things about the process that isn’t mentioned as often. Dr Jennifer Walden is a talented and qualified surgeon who makes sure that her clients are satisfied.

Dr Walden is a finalist for the Woman’s Way Business Award in the Health and Wellness category. There are many women across each city and there are only three finalists per city. Her company is built around letting women feel comfortable in their skin and with her success.

Recently, she has started to work on the non-surgical part of her brand to expand her studio. The MedSpa allows the surgeons to work on the patient’s face, breast, nose, genitals. She intends to respect the privacy of her patients, its not a personal room nor a public environment. Its really not a place that is like a standard hospital. Dr Walden wanted to make sure that its an intimate experience so that the patient doesn’t have to get anxious. In her procedures, she respects all cultural, race and genetics for the performance. She also does tattoo removals that work on any ink. In addition to others, Walden has taken care to get newer laser technology, because the surgery is something people are sensitive about. With her staff of 16 women, they are proud to say that they have a non-judgmental group that works to make you feel better with your body.

Dr Jennifer Walden is a plastic Surgeon from Austin, Texas. She would in excel in High School as well as college and due work in New York City. After she got the experience she needed from her superiors, she moved back to Austin.

After that she would later join the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to work on her craft. She is a media spokesperson for the Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She has been on many interview on TV to help explain the complexity of the surgery process.

Eric Lefkofsky Partners To Advance Cancer Care

In its quest to achieve superior treatments for cancer care, Tempus has teamed up with Precision Health AI to become the world’s leading collection of cancer care data.

The New York-based Precision Health AI is working on an artificial intelligence (AI) oncology program for better cancer patient care. Through the collaboration Tempus gains access to the group of cancer doctors CancerLinQ treatment records on roughly 600,000 patients, according to a story at

Lefkofsky commented in a statement with the revolutionary 10-year relationship Tempus gains access to sizeable amounts of data and the company expects to set up patterns that will benefit patients.

Tempus has previously teamed up with research hospitals and clinics throughout the Chicago area and other areas in the United States on oncology practices.

Since Tempus was co-founded by Lefkofsky two years ago, the company has raised more than $100 million in venture capital and has grown to roughly 300 employees. Tempus works to challenge the care of cancer with data analytics and genetic testing.

Meanwhile, data from CancerLinQ lends a hand to oncologists and researchers in bringing together considerable sizes of information from medical records that are not typically in the same layout.

According to CancerLinQ’s board records are not always structured and by teaming up with Tempus technical know-how, improved organization and proficiency will be reached as well as the pace of services and more.

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Lefkofsky received his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School.

In addition to Tempus, his serial entrepreneurial initiatives include technology companies, LightBank, Uptake Technologies and InnerWorkings, among others. And as part of his philanthropic efforts he and his wife, Liz set up a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which focuses on advancing global scientific and educational organizations and foundations.

Lefkofsky is also Chairman of the Board of Steppenwolf Theatre Company and serves on the Board of Trustees of Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago and more.

The Vision of George Soros in His Open Society Foundation

You could scour online and find a lot of information about George Soros, the iconic stock trader that got a billion dollars of earnings from a highly improbable event but was so high in rewards. Some of this information is accurate. Some are just noise. Not many of them could probably give you the right information you need without enervating you with noise and distractions, trying to sell you something. In this article, we will try to address that by only giving you the concise but meaty data that you need to know about George Soros. Shall we take it away?

The Capitalist Threat

One of the many articles you can read about George Soros today is the one from The Atlantic that he wrote himself. In it, he discussed the reason behind his act of giving away billions of dollars to the Open Society organization, which targets the development of many programs that educate the public on how to make the economy and market dynamics work better. In the article, he started with a discussion of how historical data has detected problematic issues that could ruin a lot of lives if not addressed. He highlighted in the article that the need for people to be free in a society where there is no one who has the monopoly of truth. This is what George Soros thinks is the problem with Capitalism. Because of extreme globalization, small and diverse communities are forced to adhere to the truths of the oppressing regime or a totalitarian crony corporation. As a result, George Soros opened up the Open Society Foundation and funded with billions of dollars with a mission to create an open society that will not manipulate various truths into creating a single universal truth in the society.

About Open Society

Open Society was founded by George Soros in order to establish a system that will encourage an open system in the world. With a diversity of systems, mindset and attitude across the different continents in the world, it would now be easy to make sure to avoid totalitarian regimes from controlling market indicators.

Open Society, since its inception, has been trying to address the world issues in different parts of the world. It started in Africa but didn’t go as planned. George Soros later turned his attention to Central Europe, where he became more successful than he imagined. He was able to support movements in 1980 at central groups in Czechoslovakia and helped establish different foundations in his native country, Hungary.

Other than the standard programs, George Soros tried to make sure that he’s able to support various alternative activities in the country that he’s in. This act makes sure that there’s an encouragement for groups and people to try out new activities and new programs with their own diverse truths.

Rocketship’s Stellar Education.



Education reform is a common debate topic. Its uncertain nature leads many people to know there is definitively a problem but no clear solution is apparent. One charter school, Rocketship Education, is bringing solutions delivering on solutions. This charter school is truly unique in its all-encompassing approach to ensure student’s success. The school is located in and serves low-income families. It is their hope to address and defeat the achievement gap prevalent in low-income households in our lifetime. Their methods are all-encompassing, focusing first on ensuring that students have all they need to be successful.

This means they take an active role in providing disaster relief to the community. An example of this is when a flood forced the evacuation of many of the student’s families Rocketship took an active role in providing relief. They did so by partnering with Catholic charities and raised $62,000. They quickly put that money to use and were able to help families with vital needs such as deposits on new housing, insurance deductibles, and new clothing. This timely relief ensured that these families were able to continue to work and sustain themselves. Rocketship’s aid also focuses on making sure that student’s needs are met so that they can focus on their education without the stressors associated with poverty holding them back.

Rocket ship’s full scope approach also encompasses the way that students and teachers interact. They begin by seeking out the best teachers available. These educators must be well versed in critical fields such as math and science as well as the humanities. These teachers are trained to provide specialized instruction to each student. This process is begun by making sure the teacher is aware of each student’s unique needs. In order to do this, each teacher is required to visit the student’s home. This helps keep the family of the student involved in their education. An approach that many parents appreciate as they are better able to understand their children’s needs. Rocketship’s approach is paying off big. They were recently ranked in the top 10% of California’s low-income school districts.

Technologies with the OSI Group

The OSI Group And Cryogenic Food Processing

You might be discouraged by the sound of cryogenic food processing, and we don’t blame you. Nevertheless, it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds. The food we eat actually thrives better if it undergoes a cryogenic food process. What this process entails is freezing food at certain temperatures and with a certain process.

The objective is not so much preserving food as much as it is to protect meat from harmful compounds. Meats and other food products often don’t break down or decay alone. The natural process requires an outside element or a compound within that begins a molecular process.

The cryogenic process stops any of the prior steps from occurring.

This freezing can destroy bacteria that begins rotting meat if it’s left unattended to. You should now have a better understanding of what cryogenic food processing and why it can be so helpful. Cryogenic food processing is when any potential short shelf-life products are frozen at 80 and 196 degrees below.

Any compounds or bacterias that might cause damage to raw meats are stopped, and liquid nitrogen is often used for the process.

Why Is It Needed?

This process isn’t absolutely necessary for the day-to-day foods we eat, hunt or find extremely fresh at the markets. The industries that use this food processing are food distributors who ship, truck or fly large numbers of meats at a time. The perfect example is the OSI Group. Learn about Sheldon Lavin:

This organization is the world leader in the mass production and distribution of meat products. Processed meats get used for a number of reasons. Most of it gets shipped to other vendors that then use the meat for their special products. A perfect example of this is with Pizza Hut.

This pizza, fast food restaurant services customers with its own meat cut in a specific way and serviced with specific seasonings. The raw product of meat, however, is not a part of the fast food business’s personal production. What this means is that Pizza Hut doesn’t feed its own cows.

The business doesn’t have farms to butcher beef at and packaging processes to safely put the meat away for another day. The agency that instead plays a role is the OSI Group led by CEO Sheldon Lavin.

Securus Technologies’ Crime Prevention Tools and Strategies

Securus Technologies, a Texas-based firm is a company whose principal mantra is providing technology-based solutions in solving and preventing crime. By doing so, the company has stepped up the level of public safety in clients environs. In addition to general and corporate crimes, Securus also helps in dealing with inmate-on-inmate based crimes and complaints.


Securus Technologies chief executive officer (CEO) Richard A. Smith, said that one of their business strategies is to develop a new technology-based product or service that fulfils client’s needs and wants in crime related matters. The move has highly boosted the company’s profile and performance over time. “Our incremental builds to business products are highly incorporated with safety strategies to protect and safeguard our clients”, a statement said by the CEO.


An analysis made from client’s responses and reviews deduced some of the following primary tools and techniques used by Securus technology in delivery of their services;

Call monitoring and recording


Communications via phone calls by corporate personnel liaising on mischievous are now used as evidence in prosecution and obtaining of search warrants conveniently. Drug cartels capturing is also an easy task with the call monitoring especially with calls between inmates and external contacts.


Secret and hidden CCTV monitoring

Contraband trades by employees have drastically reduced due to prosecutions made from uncovered crimes made by the hidden CCTV cameras, boosting healthy business and its performance.


Investigative and data reporting tools

Technology-based tools provided by Securus to clients helps in boosting ongoing fulltime investigations. One of the features in the investigative tools includes the covert feature. Incorporation with the covert feature clients, firms can comfortably generate reports to use as evidence with the reporting tools provided by Securus.


Customized security software

Among other customized software, is the LBS security software used by both government and private law enforcement agencies in uncovering illegalities, making their investigative job simpler to accomplish.


Investigator Pro

A jail based software that is used alongside the phone services to conduct investigations.


Visit our technology center in Texas for an in-depth illustration of how we actualize our technology ideas into services.

Click here for more theoretical information on Securus Technologies.


Eric Lefkosfsky; The Man with a Plan Towards Affordable Cancer Treatment

It is apparently clear from all the data available that health cost has been on an upward trajectory. There are many reasons put forward to justify this, and cancer has been on the top. Some of these ideas attributed to the aged population that is often getting sick and having terminal diseases and conditions that need long-term care. A good example, diabetes, back, neck and joint pains, general poor health among many others.

Apart from the aging population, the drugs have also become expensive with time. With the current trends where patients are spending less in hospitals, the pharmaceuticals have tried to offset the deficient made from fewer patients in hospitals by selling drugs to patients directly at a higher cost. It Has also contributed to the rising costs.

However, a philanthropist and entrepreneur, Erick Lefkofsky, the co-founder of the Tempus as come up with a solution to dealing with the rising cost of cancer treatment. Tempus is a technology company that is working towards building the world’s most extensive library and database for molecular and clinical data for the cancer epidemic. They are also coming up with an operating system that will make the data accessible by medics so it can be useful in the fight against cancer.

The system is on course, developed by a group of engineers and medical professions that will help in making the system more interactive and self-learning of input data. It will also be able to provide critical information and real-time data to the physician to be able to make a data-driven decision toward the treatment of cancers around the world. In his vision, Eric Lefkofsky envisioned that there would be easy for those suffering to get relief with better and quality health care within their reach cost-effectively.

It Will help reduce the cost of cancer treatment since the patient does not have to incur expenses traveling around for consultations, they will have data readily available at their health centers. It Will also cut costs and improve the research being carried on towards a common goal of finding the best therapy or cure to specific cancers that are affecting people.


Imran Haque is an exceptionally caring doctor specializing in internal medicine. His medical services are excellent since he is an expert with a license to private practice. He has a degree in medicine from the of Universidad Iberoamericana situated at Santo Domingo. Imran also has an M.D which he obtained at the University of Virginia.

Haque bases his practice in Asheboro where he provides medical services for those residing there and the surrounding areas. His services are numerous, for example, diabetes management, physical examinations, contouring of Venus body, 360 resurfacing, services of weight management among others.

Imran Haque has done this work for a decade and a half.

In an interview, Imran Haque talks about himself and his sphere of specialization. He says that his idea for the business that he runs came from the inspiration that the people needed services unavailable locally. Haque intended to revive the principle perishing in the medical community which he calls ‘’good bedside manner’’. He is one committed person by his hard work, being diligent, does a lot of research, and he is financially supportive enabling productivity in all aspects. His consistent, unique skill of multitasking has contributed significantly to his entrepreneurship.

He claims that medicine has been massively improved by the incorporation of technology in Health Care. The processes of health care such as data entry and coordination of care have gotten enhanced by the new way of centralization of information.

Imran Haque has a notion that he believes in that people ought not to harden their hearts to humankind, but one should also not let others take advantage of their empathy or generosity. He says he would want everyone to daily express kindness and respect to everyone, just like the way he does. His golden rule that has helped him in business is about treating others just as the way you’d wish them to. It has helped him especially in building compassionate interpersonal relationships with others in his profession. It has also set a firm foundation for his networking and in connections. Imran had once ventured into sock and textile enterprise and he, unfortunately, didn’t manage to safeguard it, but he later learns to stick to his medical domain.

U.S Money Reserve Reaches Out to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Kindness is powerful. That is why recently, The U.S Money Reserve announced its plan to partner with the prominent , Austin Network of Disaster and Relief, in the fight against Hurricane Harvey and the crisis it caused to many families. The partnership is geared towards making sure that the affected individuals fully recover from the devastating events of Hurricane Harvey. The services offered by ADRN and the U.S Money Reserve focus on bettering the lives of the affected families. From offering financial assistance to emergency housing, transportation in addition to spiritual and emotional support, this project is set to transform the lives of Hurricane Harvey’s survivors. Learn more:


How U.S Money Reserve Plans to Project Assistance


U.S Money Reserve plans to organize a project dubbed relief fund, with the entire donation channeled to the Austin Network of Disaster and Relief. This is a move towards finding immediate response in regards to a call for help. The main focus for U.S Money Reserve is funding multiple projects focusing towards emergency relief. This will be possible through the funds. Perhaps the donations from U.S Money Reserve might match up YouCaring donations that generated from Austin Network of Disaster and Relief. The donation is open until September.




U.S Money Reserve is affected because the disaster hit closer to home. This has been devastating as many people were affected by the natural event. From storms to strong winds that swept away property across Gulf Coast to debris with huge, destructive impact, it is evident that Hurricane Harvey affected even the employees in the local region. Clients were equally affected. What is more, the U.S Money Reserve has major operating offices in Beaumont in addition to Lumberton. The partnership is therefore, beneficial to the company as well. By giving back to the community, U.S Money Reserve is building its reputation. If you would like to be part of the donations, check this site.


Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has caused disaster in Texas. Many have lost lives and property. Sadly, this is a major hurricane since the most devastating Hurricane Wilma, which dates back to 2005. From breaking bridges to causing catastrophic flooding in Texas, the support from U.S Money Reserve is definitely required.




The U.S Money Reserve is a household name. Highly regarded for its input in the acquisition of gold, silver and platinum, U.S Money Reserve has been diligently, serving clients through trusted channels. Over 2,000 customers have given positive reviews in regards to their ability to provide the best coins. Learn more: