Imran Haque is an exceptionally caring doctor specializing in internal medicine. His medical services are excellent since he is an expert with a license to private practice. He has a degree in medicine from the of Universidad Iberoamericana situated at Santo Domingo. Imran also has an M.D which he obtained at the University of Virginia.

Haque bases his practice in Asheboro where he provides medical services for those residing there and the surrounding areas. His services are numerous, for example, diabetes management, physical examinations, contouring of Venus body, 360 resurfacing, services of weight management among others.

Imran Haque has done this work for a decade and a half.

In an interview, Imran Haque talks about himself and his sphere of specialization. He says that his idea for the business that he runs came from the inspiration that the people needed services unavailable locally. Haque intended to revive the principle perishing in the medical community which he calls ‘’good bedside manner’’. He is one committed person by his hard work, being diligent, does a lot of research, and he is financially supportive enabling productivity in all aspects. His consistent, unique skill of multitasking has contributed significantly to his entrepreneurship.

He claims that medicine has been massively improved by the incorporation of technology in Health Care. The processes of health care such as data entry and coordination of care have gotten enhanced by the new way of centralization of information.

Imran Haque has a notion that he believes in that people ought not to harden their hearts to humankind, but one should also not let others take advantage of their empathy or generosity. He says he would want everyone to daily express kindness and respect to everyone, just like the way he does. His golden rule that has helped him in business is about treating others just as the way you’d wish them to. It has helped him especially in building compassionate interpersonal relationships with others in his profession. It has also set a firm foundation for his networking and in connections. Imran had once ventured into sock and textile enterprise and he, unfortunately, didn’t manage to safeguard it, but he later learns to stick to his medical domain.

U.S Money Reserve Reaches Out to Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Kindness is powerful. That is why recently, The U.S Money Reserve announced its plan to partner with the prominent , Austin Network of Disaster and Relief, in the fight against Hurricane Harvey and the crisis it caused to many families. The partnership is geared towards making sure that the affected individuals fully recover from the devastating events of Hurricane Harvey. The services offered by ADRN and the U.S Money Reserve focus on bettering the lives of the affected families. From offering financial assistance to emergency housing, transportation in addition to spiritual and emotional support, this project is set to transform the lives of Hurricane Harvey’s survivors. Learn more:


How U.S Money Reserve Plans to Project Assistance


U.S Money Reserve plans to organize a project dubbed relief fund, with the entire donation channeled to the Austin Network of Disaster and Relief. This is a move towards finding immediate response in regards to a call for help. The main focus for U.S Money Reserve is funding multiple projects focusing towards emergency relief. This will be possible through the funds. Perhaps the donations from U.S Money Reserve might match up YouCaring donations that generated from Austin Network of Disaster and Relief. The donation is open until September.




U.S Money Reserve is affected because the disaster hit closer to home. This has been devastating as many people were affected by the natural event. From storms to strong winds that swept away property across Gulf Coast to debris with huge, destructive impact, it is evident that Hurricane Harvey affected even the employees in the local region. Clients were equally affected. What is more, the U.S Money Reserve has major operating offices in Beaumont in addition to Lumberton. The partnership is therefore, beneficial to the company as well. By giving back to the community, U.S Money Reserve is building its reputation. If you would like to be part of the donations, check this site.


Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey has caused disaster in Texas. Many have lost lives and property. Sadly, this is a major hurricane since the most devastating Hurricane Wilma, which dates back to 2005. From breaking bridges to causing catastrophic flooding in Texas, the support from U.S Money Reserve is definitely required.




The U.S Money Reserve is a household name. Highly regarded for its input in the acquisition of gold, silver and platinum, U.S Money Reserve has been diligently, serving clients through trusted channels. Over 2,000 customers have given positive reviews in regards to their ability to provide the best coins. Learn more:


Built on Shaky Ground

The Quincy, an unassuming apartment complex in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has become synonymous with criminal activity, particularly robberies and shootings, along with woefully inadequate security, leaving residents to live in fear that they may become involved in the next incident. Like many such tragedies, The Quincy’s notoriety was the result of the best of intentions failing miserably in execution.

It’s a sensitive subject, but it goes back to the ‘white flight’ phenomena of the 60s and 70s where white families leaving New Brunswick as minorities began moving in, The Quincy becoming one of many. Racism is very much at the center of this story, but the real cause was a partnership between Johnson & Johnson and Rutgers University to encourage the building of hotels in the area and adding a new Johnson & Johnson center downtown with the hope of providing jobs for the new residents in the area. These noble intentions were quickly sullied by racially-motivated raids on various apartment buildings with the intention to force out certain types of residents and illegal immigrants, resulting in the demolishing of Puerto Rican, along with many black neighborhoods, to build a hotel, The Quincy.

Built on a foundation of such vitriol and tension, it’s no wonder how The Quincy quickly earned its notorious reputation it has today and it didn’t take long for it to become a hot spot for criminal activity.

On May 7, 2013 a pizza man arrived at The Quincy complex, only to learn that none of the residents had ordered a pizza. However, the trap was sprung as the deliverer returned to his car, being jumped by three men who proceeded to steal his money, the pizza, and shooting him before driving off. As too who staged the incident, a suspect was found and charged through cell phone information. The deliverer wasn’t the only victim either, as another shooting victim turned up at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital shortly after the incident.

Another shooting was reported in October of 2015, committed by a gangster and resulting in four victims, resulting in one minor injury, resulting in an extensive investigation of New Brunswick Apartments upon discovery of more bullets at the crime scene, concluding that the one who drove the victim to the hospital was, in fact, the suspect. The police chief stated that such events are all too common.

The Quincy is the result of many different factors and stands as an epitaph to an age-old problem that may never see a true resolution and that even the best intentions can have detrimental consequences.

Adam Milstein: A Conversation With Hagar Properties Managing Partner

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor who is an active leader in his community. An Israeli native Mr. Milstein has been celebrated for his philanthropic efforts. Adam Milstein is a 1978 graduate of Technion Intstitute For Technology in his native Israel. Once arriving in the United States, Milstein continued his education with a MBA from the University of Southern California. After graduation, remained in the southern california area where he pursued a career in commercial real estate. Mr. Milstein is currently a managing partner at Hagar Pacific Properties. Recently Mr. Milstein discussed his life and business endeavors.

Where Did The Hagar Pacific Properties Idea Come From

I arrived here with the determination to continue my education. I attended USC and received and MBA in entreprenership. THeir were many job recruiters that would visit the campus while I attended USC. It was while talking to these recruiters that I realized there was no appreciation for knowledge and life experience. Some of them were offering me less than an undergraduate would make despite the fact that I was earning an MBA. I saw no option but to go at it on my own. I started working as a commercial real estate broker. I did this for three years with decent success so I decided it was time to start my own venture.

What Is A Day Like For You

When starting your own business, you really have no idea what your work life will be like from day to day. Once you gather momentum and assets things start to balance out and your days will begin to have structure and consistency. As time went on my philanthropical pursuits became a bigger part of my daily work because this is what brings me the most satisfaction.

What Is A Trend That Really Excites You

There are many exciting trends that take place in the real estate industry. For example, supply always lags a few years behind demand, then will follow a period where the opposite is true. Also, the price fluctuation in real estate.

One Habit That Makes You Productive As An Entrepreneur

Non-stop consistency and persistance. Always follow up.


A Quick Summery on Beneful Products Available at Walmart

Purina Beneful dog food is available from several retail stores, including Walmart. The value available at Walmart is pretty difficult to beat, with dry food starting at $0.85 a pound. They carry a wide variety of flavors that are specific to certain health concerns. For example, 40 pounds of the Beneful healthy weight with real chicken will cost $33.98. They also carry a large range of sizes for the dog food. Depending on your current needs, you can buy packages ranging from 3.5 pounds to 40 pounds. Obviously, the value is significantly better with the larger options. Of course, wet foods are available as well. Twelve, three ounce cans of wet food will cost approximately $6.97. You can purchase the wet food in one flavor, or several variety packs. Walmart regularly features its ‘Rollback Pricing’ on Beneful foods, and coupons are readily available online to combine with Walmart’s low prices.

Learn more about Beneful:

MB2 Dental is Transforming Dentistry

MB2 Dental has been in the market for only short time, but it has already made an impact in the lives of many dentists who are living in the United States. The organization was brought into the market by Chris Villanueva, and it has significantly grown in the last years. The founder of the institution, Villanueva, is an active dental practitioner who has a vision of promoting only the best practices in the industry. In the past, the successful dentist had worked in the corporate and sole practices, and he understands the challenges faced by the dentists on both sides. He knows how the business equations work, and this is why his company has been doing well. The businessman has used his expertise to offer vital support to his colleagues in the industry without interfering with the integrity of the industry.

When he realized that the doctors in the department wanted some special assistance to carry out their operations, Chris Villanueva gathered courage and founded MB2 Dental. The company did not come into the market with any attached strings. The main purpose of the firm is to offer the medical practitioners in the department support so that they can grow together. The dentists affiliated with the firm are found in seventy locations at the moment. These locations are found in the six American states. The institution currently serves its customers with the help of five hundred and thirty-three individuals who are highly experienced. The employees work round the clock to make sure that the dentist has all the time they need to deal with the patients. The leadership of the successful company is close-knit, and it always looks forward to changing the lives of the dentists.

When a dental patient visits the doctor at their office, they are always looking forward to getting the best treatment for their problems. However, if the doctor has to deal with problems such as finances and insurance, he will not have the concentration needed. With MB2 Dental at their disposal, the dentists in the United States have all the time they want to concentrate on their patients without worrying about the official duties of the office. Doctors that are affiliated with the company receive positive reviews from their patients because of the care and dedication they give to the dental patients who are sick. The dentists, on the other hand, have more free time to themselves and their families.

Omar Yunes Involved in Improving the Franchise Business

Mr. Omar Yunes is a successful business mogul who has climbed up the ladder courtesy of his hard work and family political clout in Mexico. In the recent past, Mr. Yunes has been honored as being the best franchise in the entire world. As an entrepreneur, Omar Yunes run successfully a group of Japanese food joints commonly known as the Sushi Itto brand. The mixture of Japanese joint with the American twist has made the brand to be among the best in Mexico and the entire American continent. Currently, the brand has over thirty food joints scattered over some towns on the globe. These cities include; Veracruz, Puebla and Mexico City. Thanks to his management ability, Omar Yunes has provided over four hundred employment opportunities for his brand stores.

In Mexico alone, the brand has over one hundred restaurants and food joints. The brand seems to have a fair representation in both the South and the North America continents. Some of these hotels can be located in El Salvador, Panama, Mexico as well as Honduras. Omar Yunes intends to use the brand to grow his fortune as well as to inspire the youth to create value through innovative achievements in the society.

Mr. Yunes has received some awards on behalf of the Sushi Itto brand. The awards and honors are to appreciate the good cause that the firm has been following. All this cannot be lost on the able leadership that the company has been enjoying. The employees too are also dedicated to ensuring that the Sushi Itto brand dream becomes a reality. Omar has put in place various plans and measures to ensure that the firm remains profitable throughout.

Omar Yunes has had a significant impact on the franchise industry. Over the years, he has been able to give the relationship between the brand and the franchise a new meaning. He has done so through his constant desire to see his firm and brand succeed. He has been able to impact the level of output and growth in this sector. And the results of this growth is increased sales, greater expansion and growth rates. Omar advises the young people to form a habit of developing contacts at an early age. These are the people who will propel you to success.

Visit his website:

The Art of Winemaking: Jackson Family Wines Collection

Julia JacksonJackson Family Wines Collection has come a long way over the decades. It was once a small family business, but as of today, JFWC is an international powerhouse. It produces some of the most diverse tasting wines on earth. The company has winery locations in the United States, France, Italy, South Africa and Chile. Its 583-acre site in Oregon produces some of the best Pinot Noir wines. Julia Jackson, spokesperson and representative of the company, has kind of fallen into the business by accident. She never really was a wine connoisseur while growing up as a very young adult, but she would soon develop feelings for the winemaking process.Julia Jackson just so happens to be the daughter of company’s founder. Jess Jackson and his wife Barbara Banke made it possible to raise a family of children while evolving as a company.Julia Jackson

Julia and her siblings would have to pick grapes in the hot Pacific Northwest’s heat, but this would instill the strong ambition that they posses to this very day. Julia has spent a lot of time working at the company’s many wineries and this is where she would develop strong feeling for the culture. By spending so much time in France, she became fluent in the French language, and she’d go on to teach a sixth-grade French Class. On top of that, Julia has modeled as well as attended Stanford University and Scripps College.Seeds of Empowerment is her nonprofit organization, and it’s all about “girl power.” This organization celebrates the empowerment of women on a daily basis. Jackson Family Wines Collection produces Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and other fine wines. One of its great tasting beverages is the Barbara’s Clone 667 Pinot Noir. The art of winemaking for an economical class is fully covered, but who knows what the Jackson family will venture into next.

Talos Energy: A Respected Leader in the Energy Exploration Industry

Recently, Mexico resolved to allow foreign mining organizations venture into the country’s energy markets in a bid to revive its ailing oil industry. In 2015, they opened bidding for this mining project in 2015, and the top three companies were selected. These are Houston’s Talos Energy, Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas and London-based Premier Oil Plc, who will work jointly on the venture. The three firms will join Petroleos Mexicanos, a state organization that has enjoyed the monopoly of exploring the valuable resource since Mexico nationalized its oil sector in 1938. Drilling of the Zama-1 well, which is based at Sureste Basin began on May 21st. The well is said to hold about 100-500 barrels of Crude oil. This venture was a significant step for Talos Energy, which holds 35% in the joint project.

Talos Energy is a gas and oil company that specializes in exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Offshore Mexico and the US Gulf of Mexico. The firm was founded in 2012 by and it has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Talos Energy was established together with Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management, with whom they have partnered to explore and optimize assets in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Gulf Coast. Talos also owns 10.2 million acres which they use for economic transactions. Additionally, the company applies innovative strategies to build attractive investment portfolios that grow into valuable firms. The management team has so far developed and sold two such companies, Gryphon Exploration and Phoenix Exploration. The two were successful ventures that gave profitable returns to the investors. To know about Talos Energy click here.

The top management team of Talos energy comprises Timothy S. Duncan as the President and CEO; Stephen E. Heitzman as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; and Michael L. Herding as Vice President and Chief Finance Officer. These officials are innovative, dedicated to the company’s course and they continue to lead Talos Energy to be a global leader in energy exploration and exploitation as well as they diversify the firm to other viable and creative investments such as developing and selling well established and fully-fledged exploration companies.

Their Facebook Page:

Executive Recruiter Julie Zuckerberg’s Achievements Speak For Her Dedication To Her Work

The Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Julie Zuckerberg, and her professional achievements are symbolic of how dedication to one’s work and perseverance can go a long way in being successful. She started her career as the Director of Candidate Placement in November 2002 and gained experience for five years. Her responsibilities included hiring attorneys, paralegals, and support staff and case managers for different firms. There, she offered guidance to the employees regarding benefits, working environments, and opportunities for professional development and promotion.

She joined the Deutsche Bank in 2015 and had quickly ascended to the position of Executive Talent Acquisition Manager. At Deutsche, Julie is also recognized for her stark leadership skills and firm governance during the recruiting processes, which boosts the overall efficiency of attracting talented pipelines. Moreover, she has also presided over the negotiations of Managing Director level. These meetings and developments include the biggest stakeholders and risk takers. She has also worked with business leaders from private wealth and commercial clients, global technology, assets management and operations to steadfast the process of global talent acquisition strategies and process improvement.

Julie moved to Citi Global Functions as an executive recruiter in 2007, where she served until 2011. While working at Citi, she offered services pertaining to recruiting candidates for the positions of director and managing directors of CitiCards and Citi Global. She also had the opportunity to counsel and train hiring experts regarding open position specifications, producing job descriptions and successions planning. She provided a complete life-cycle executive recruitment for senior level staff in areas like auditing, compliance, and other legal affairs. She formulated innovative techniques of recruitment, which included the use of social media, employee referrals, and direct sourcing.

Julie worked for the Citi Global Consumer Bank before joining Deutsche Bank. She also participated in managing retained search firms like candidate inspection, fee discussions and firm selection from the provided options. Her other responsibilities include offering sourced talent to international firms, handling issues like expatriate procedure, and global relocations and even presiding over the process of hiring for complex jobs. She also supervises negotiations for managing director offers that involve potential stakeholders who are willing to take corporate risks and also looks over other developmental work. A team of hiring professionals is also managed by Julie Zuckerberg and many other recruiting coordinators. Before working at Citi, she served as a Hire Recruiting Lead at New York Life Insurance and managed client relationships and recruitment procedures, and offered business solutions in collaboration with the senior management team.

Julie Zuckerberg has an extensive skill set that played a critical role in career making and has ensured her continuous success. She is also an expert in coaching management and corporate recruitment. These skills include executive search, talent acquisition, talent management, executive staffing, sourcing, behavioral interviewing, and conflict resolutions.

Aside from her professional endeavors, Julie Zuckerberg also carries out volunteer work related to several causes that are charitable. She manages programs for counseling and coaching employees across the industry. Julie is a staunch proponent of animal welfare, social action, economic empowerment, and has a keen interest in arts and culture. While her professional achievements are worth praising, her passion for helping those in need and her use of resources to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate is also very inspiring.